Books That Ought to Come with a Box of Tissues

Often, when I give out certain books at the library I think “damnnn I should give them tissues with this one”… which is why I thought I’d share some books today that need to come with a serious TEARJERKER WARNING. I’ll be brief to avoid spoilers (and hopefully spare you some of the inevitable pain these books bring up).

Code Name Verity– I recommend sitting back, listening to the audiobook and grabbing the tissues, cos this is gonna be an emotional ride.

The Book Thief– just in case you haven’t heard of this book’s reputation for making people cry, then consider yourself warned.  

Thousand Splendid Suns– are you human? Do you have tear ducts? Then this book about women under the Taliban rule is gonna get you good.

Bright Side– I defy you to get through this book and not sob! I knew this was supposed to be sad, but nothing could’ve prepared me for how attached I’d be by the end.

Second Chance Summer– I’ve never given this book a second read, because the first time it destroyed me.

All the Bright Places– this book about mental health issues is as bright and cheery as a smack in the teeth. Don’t do what I did and read this in public (unless you like having strangers side eye you while you sob).

Sisterhood Everlasting– I can’t even talk about this one, it still gets to me. After three books to get to know the characters, saying goodbye to them like this is pure AGONY.

Noughts and Crosses– this alternate history Romeo and Juliet kills me every time. It’s so good. And so so so devastating.

A Monster Calls– a beautiful book about grief (that will rip your heart out and make you sob).

Song of Achilles– yeah this Iliad retelling will just wallop you in the *feels*. *Oof*.

So, have you read any of these books? Do you agree? And what books do you think need to come with a box of tissues? Let me know in the comments!

61 thoughts on “Books That Ought to Come with a Box of Tissues

  1. I’ve read The Book Thief, Second Chance Summer and A Monster Calls. The only one that I cried in was Second Chance Summer. I recently read a book that had me crying my eyes out and that was Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks.

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  2. The Book Thief, for sure. I’ve recommended it a thousand times. Though I loved A Thousand Splendid Suns, I actually sobbed over The Kite Runner, both by Khaled Hosseini. In fact, Kite was the first book in about 15 years that I cried through. An astonishing book in so many ways, capturing the complexities of family, friendship, revolution, betrayal, and forgiveness.

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  3. My dad and mom read A Thousand Splendid Suns and from what they said I decided against reading it. It sounded like it was a real tear jerker 😦

    And I would heartily recommend reading Flowers for Algernon. Just make sure you get the novel and not the short story.

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  4. Just seeing Second Chance Summer and ATBP made me feel like shedding a tear. I ugly cried so hard that my eyes crusted over when I was reading Second Chance Summer. You would think knowing the direction of the story, I could have prepared myself, but nope, I was a mess.

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  5. I have The Song of Achilles and A Thousand Splendid Suns on my tbr. I have heard they are both incredibly sad. It is not often a book makes me cry so I am wondering if either of these too will do the trick!

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  6. Out of all of those, I sobbed my way through the most of it with The Book Thief. I was sad with Second Chance Summer and A Monster Calls, but I didn’t feel as affected by Song of Achilles and Noughts & Crosses. Then again, I have no clue what actually prompts me to cry with books. The last one I remember making me cry was a horror book called The Taking of Jake Livingston and I could not express why exactly at that one point I started tearing up haha

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    1. I think that’s fair! I cry way too easily at books tbh- but I get what you mean about not knowing what makes me cry at books (there were a couple of books I thought of putting on here, but then realised they were Rom coms and there was no real reason I cried 😂).

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  7. Code Name Verity just killed me — it would absolutely put it at the top of my “tissue box” list. (The 2nd time I read it was by listening to the audiobook, and it was super embarrassing to be ugly crying while listening on a walk. Gotta choose books for public listening more carefully!) Song of Achilles and A Monster Calls made me cry (hard) too. I see a comment about The Time Traveler’s Wife, and yes, that one made me cry too! In YA, I think everyone cried over The Fault in Our Stars, and a zombie book even brought me to tears — Feed by Mira Grant. I guess I’m a big softie. 🙂

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  8. I read the first book in the series, “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” after hearing an interview with the author on CBC. After seeing a mention of this “last” book in the series, I just may need to continue forward!

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  9. Second Chance Summer and A Monster Calls made me sob, apparently grief over parental figures gets me. A friend of mine loves Morgan Matson but her uncle recently died from cancer and after I read SCS, I had to warn her off it because I know it would hit her even harder. Both were done so well though.

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