In the spirit of the spooky season, I thought I’d share some of my WoRSt BOokISh NiGHtMAreS- WhOooOOO!! Admittedly, some of these may just be my own pet peeves, but I’m sure there’s a few in here that keep ALL bookworms up at night! Enjoy… Or, rather, shudder before me!

Books returned in tatters… or not returned at all! Both of these have happened to me and I swear I’ve never gotten over it.

When someone destroys your beloved book with a bad adaptation– OOF!

Never getting an adaptation… especially if it was promised!! Why did you have to raise our hopes like that?! And on that note…

Sequels that never materialise– not trying to *side eye* any specific authors here- but c’mon!! Waiting for a series finale that’s never coming is a special kind of torture. On the flipside, I don’t exactly enjoy…

Series that never end. You know the bloated book series that just seem to go on and on and on– seemingly without end! It’s a special kind of torture to pick up a new book annnd then realise you’ve read it five times already.

Stickers on books (duh).

Miss-marketed books– why tell me it’s one thing, if you plan on selling me something totally different? I might have even liked what you were trying to sell me if I knew what I was getting into. Please, just stop trying to make me read things like slasher fic masquerading as rom coms, thanks!

SPOILERS! Especially if you don’t have the decency to warn me first (but if you are warning me to my face, don’t say “spoiler warning”, then blurt it out before I can tell you not to!!)

Your kindle battery dying… just as you get to the end!! Because this is just a cruel cosmic punishment.

And lastly, one that may be very specific to me…

Books curled into weird angles and spaces so that they can fit into a box (usually picture books). Don’t tell me you couldn’t lie it flat because I GUARANTEE you could have lain it flat!! Stop rolling up books!! I break out in hives just thinking about this!

And that’s all for now! Did any of these make you shiver?! And what are some of your bookish worst nightmares? I’ll be cowering in the comments section waiting to hear your answers…  

29 thoughts on “A Bookworm’s WORST NIGHTMARES!!

  1. So much yes! I am still salty that I will never get the endings to a few series I invested time in. Don’t get me started on publishers marketing everything as a rom-com, when has no rom or com in it.


  2. Omygosh yes with rolled up picture books! They are bent oddly forever more. And my kindle dying right before I finish. It just seems so rapid from it’s warning me that the battery is low to shutting down.


  3. Bad adaptations – GAAAAH!

    And I have another one: reading on a Kindle AT ALL! Because I can’t figure out how to navigate through the damn thing! So there is no going back to re-read a passage, to check something, or to find a quote for a book review. I might get lucky and find it, but odds are, the first pass is the only one I’ll get.


  4. Books returned in tatters… or not returned at all!- This is such a pet peeve! This has happened to me multiple times and it’s why I only lend my books to people I know who will take care of it and return it.

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  5. AAAAAACK, I’m going to have nightmares now!! Very cute post — all of these make me shudder! I react very poorly to people returning books in bad shape (or not at all). Just… rude. I might add — long awaited books that disappoint when they finally arrive.


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