Books that make no sense- Inspired by Briana @ Pages Unbound

I read an amazing post called “Books I Have Accused of Being Illogical” by the brilliant Briana over on Pages Unbound (which obvs you need to check out!!)- and it made me think about books that I thought made no sense. I hunted through my goodreads and this is what I came up with:

Stags– so this has a “clever” main character who figures out all the clues… and yet makes awful decisions with that information. It doesn’t help that her motivation never makes any sense: she hates toffs, but she wants to spend all her free time with them (an issue which could have been resolved if the author had allowed the mc to have even one undesirable trait, such as jealousy or insecurity, to justify her choices). Add to that a ridiculously over the top reveal and you have a book that’s a little too wild for me. It’s a pity that the lack of logic undid what could have been a fun book.

Instant Karma– I’m choosing this for completely different reasons, just because it gets on my nerves the more I think about how pointless it is. As hinted at in the title, the protagonist inexplicably gets karmic powers… which disappear as randomly they arrive and play no actual part in the plot?! I really don’t understand why this book exists.  

Foxhole Court– I’m including this for a number of reasons. 1) It has the worst fake sport EVER- unless of course you’d like to watch a co-ed football-crossed with hockey-crossed with tennis- which just sounds like a sport made up by someone who was extremely high- speaking of which… 2) This is also a book where young athletes are on drugs and no one cares about that. And finally 3) I just find it amusing how many people who find everything problematic love this rapey book.

Wolf by Wolf– I actually really like this book and would recommend it for the writing style/adventure aspects… buuuut it also has Nazis in kimonos. Cos Nazis definitely would go in for some cultural appreciation lol. As much as I respected the author’s skill and did like this series, I still have issues with a premise where Nazis take over the world and just don’t keep killing indefinitely.  

Divergent– I almost wanted to include a lightning round of YA dystopias, because during the height of that craze, people were just writing dystopias for the sake of it, even if they lacked logic. But I ultimately feel like the culprit responsible for that annoying craze was Divergent. Because this premise- where everyone could only have one of five personality traits- never made sense to me. Then *spoilers for the last book* Roth decided to make it make EVEN LESS SENSE by revealing the reason for this dystopic world was some shadowy-men-in-suits were trying to make people more well-rounded (ergo stuck them somewhere they’d be killed for having the desirable traits… *facepalm*)

Handmaid’s Tale– on the topic of dystopias, while Atwood is a very good writer, I have made no secret of my issues with the world building in this book. The more I think about this book, the more holes I pick in it. Because this is supposed to be a patriarchal society (that materialised overnight with no explanation as to how) and yet the protagonist talks of being separated from her husband and child… but why?!? This is a hyper traditional society. The logical thing would’ve been either to a) make the husband party to the evil regime or b) kill him off (because men are often victims in hyper-aggressive societies that treat women as resources).  

Nutshell– I mean, where is the logic in this story? It’s about a sentient foetus. Which is just the terrible starting point to a terrible retelling of Hamlet (thanks, I hate it).

And that’s all I have… for now! What did you think of these books? Did they make sense to you? What books did you think made no sense? Let me know in the comments!

35 thoughts on “Books that make no sense- Inspired by Briana @ Pages Unbound

  1. This was a very enjoyable read! I laughed out loud at your description of Divergent and I realized that I don’t remember anything that happens in those books. I’m about to get rid of them from my shelves, but I’m wondering if I should reread them for fun (or pain?) one last time… you’ve got me thinking 😂

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  2. Oof what? A retelling of hamlet with a feotus 😬 yiike- my guess is that should be some kind of abortion ban propaganda; that’s the feel I get from giving a foetus storytelling abilities anyway.

    Also- nazis in kimono?? I’m intrigued.. it sends a wierd picture to my brain though iknow technically they look just like anybody else xp

    Now I had only heard about S.t.a.g.s & the foxhole before.. both being loved so this was interresting!

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  3. Though there are a few on this list I haven’t read, I can agree on the ones I have. Especially the YA dystopian craze. Few of them made sense, and at the other end of the spectrum, more than a fair share of them really didn’t add up at all.

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  4. The only one I’ve read is Divergent. And I didn’t finish the series because, while I enjoyed Divergent enough, I felt like I got the idea already. I did have the same wonders you did … the premise is interesting, but it was kind of hard to imagine how the society got this way. It would have made more sense if the different groups were normal tribes that had split apart for normal historical reasons but tended to have those traits as a culture.

    I need to read The Handmaid’s Tale just to read it, but I’m not expecting to enjoy it. Perhaps part of the inconsistency is coming from a fundamental misunderstanding of what traditional societies are actually like? Just a thought …

    Finally, please educate this American … what’s a toff?

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    1. You might be right about the Handmaid’s Tale. Hadn’t thought of it that way, but so many readers, and I think Atwood herself, have placed it in that context that it does detract from what is otherwise a pretty intriguing book.

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    2. Yeah I really enjoyed the first book, cos it’s action packed and entertaining. But as much as I was intrigued by the premise… It never made a whole lot of sense to me. I mean, someone described it to me as a society built around personality traits like Hogwarts houses and I just thought… Why?! Yes for sure!

      Hehe I definitely think that. She’s arguing with a straw man version that doesn’t make any sense (at least, without an explanation it doesn’t)

      Hahaha! It means posh 😂

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  5. I’ve only read the last three and for the most part I agree with you. The last of the Divergent series ruined the others, utterly. It was terrible. But I have to admit that in general, I love dystopian books, and will usually forgive a lot. I was able to suspend some disbelief and enjoy Handmaid’s Tale, but your assessment is completely fair. With Nutshell, I was actually just impressed that the author made such a ridiculous premise work that I quite enjoyed it, but I expected to feel as you did. I think I’ll go ahead and skip the others on your list. 🙂

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  6. I DNF’ed The Handmaid’s Tale shortly in, but I have similar issues with a lot of patriarchy dystopians. There’s very rarely an explanation of how, within like one generation, women went from having rights to being treated like cattle. The author seriously expects me to believe that ten years from now, my family and friends will suddenly be like, “Yeah, because Briana is a woman she is clearly an idiot and subhuman. We must subjugate her.” After treating me normally my whole life.

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  7. I Divergent as teen during the dystopian craze and like a lot of books at that time it was meh to me. If you want a good dystopian book then try Z for Zachariah by Robert C. O’Brien. It’s about a girl trying to survive after a nuclear fallout. This book is an underrated gem that came out way before the dystopian craze.

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  8. This post made me ridiculously happy because the Handmaid’s Tale made absolutely NO SENSE and I’m happy that someone finally agrees! I thought the ending wasn’t as developed and there were so questions that remained unanswered! 😭 And I completely agree for Divergent, the last book ruined the other two and I’m still so angry!

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