Gift Ideas for Bookworms!

Tis the season for fun, food, frivolity… and of course, presents! I’m often stumped for gift ideas- so this is as much for me as it is for you 😉

#1 The new books we won’t stop going on about!!

#2 Your old fave that means so much to you and you just need to share 😊 Because we love sharing the book love!

#3 Special editions and sexy leatherbound classics. Because it makes for the best book porn 😉

#4 Bookmarks- because we can’t get enough of them! Particularly cos I can’t stop losing them dammit! I adore this cutesy Wizard of Oz one and I really love my Klimt bookmark Kat from Life and Other Disasters gave me a few year ago 🙂

#5 Bookish themed games- especially if it involves Thud!

#6 Bookish jewellery- I may or may not have a collection of fairy tale themed jewellery 😉 But I’ll take *any* bookish themed necklaces and one of my favourites is this Alethiometer from Etsy

#7 Book themed notebooks and stationery. I mean, for me stationery is always appreciated.

#8 Book themed FOOD! Any sweets from the wizarding world or Turkish delight… In fact, I’m so obsessed I made a post about this a few years back 🙂

#9 Bookish cuddly toys- unless of course you can’t handle the CUTENESS OVERLOAD?!

And if you can manage it…

#10 Magical bookish artefacts- I would never say no to a book mirror from Echo North, the Luggage or even a Time Turner so I can read more books- I’m not fussy! 😉

What do you think? Do you have any bookish gifts you enjoy? Let me know in the comments!

27 thoughts on “Gift Ideas for Bookworms!

  1. I was like “I RECOGNIZE THAT BOOKMARK”, well, duh hahaha Because it’s the one I sent you haha I’m really happy to hear that you still love it!
    Also, I would never ever say no to a mirror from Echo North. Best bookish artifact. But then there are those cuddly toys. Do I need them? No. Do I still want them? Well, obviously ❤ great ideas!!!

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  2. Hi Orangutanlibrarian! That Time-Turner looks great. Wish I had one to go farther into times of Jason and his Argonauts. Oh, oops, of course, my daughter gave me Apollonios Rhodios’s The Argonautika translated into English by Rodney Merrill.

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  3. I sadly don’t have any book merch- i’m more a gaming merch obsession collector 😅 but ohh a bookish plushie would be wonderful!
    I do love bookmarks however- I collect them in a dachshund planter ahah I have three animal crossing gold shimmery one, aswell as a dachshund one.

    What I mainly do, is my yearly bookstore giftcard for my birthday xD so that way I can just pick whatever I want ahah (unless I have a specific title in mind)

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  4. I am not a big fan of book merch. Any type of merch just does not appeal to me. Now to have bookish artifacts is something I would like to have. I would not say no to having my own luggage that will eat people I don’t like.


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