What really happens after rom coms…

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE rom coms. But sometimes, I have my doubts about the longevity of the couples in them- particularly when the chemistry mostly comes down to an intense amount of bickering. Too often the writers take two people who have absolutely nothing in common and no shared values… and smooch them together based on one romantic moment/meet cute and a few flirty lines. So this is what happens after one of those stereotypically awful rom com couple gets together (and all the usual tropes have been applied to their story):

AHhh what a beautiful day- it would be so lovely to just skip work and enjoy it with the person you love… except if you do that you’ll lose yet another job (because you can’t keep skipping round in romantic paradise forever). So as much as you love pretending to be being that spontaneous person your lover made you, you’re gonna have to be the old you for just a minute.

And with that you realise every day is not sunshine and roses and that arguing non-stop in the rain is exhausting (yes, I am throwing shade at the Notebook).

Obviously there’s still lots of miscommunication ALL THE TIME- only these days it’s over putting the bins out…

And now they have kids (because of the *surprise pregnancy* plotline at the end of the story) who are definitely being neglected and screwed up by all the needless drama (naturally I’m going to forget about them for the rest of the post, but they do exist, so just imagine little Timmy and Tammy looking sad in the corner).

Oh and they didn’t actually think about the fact they live on different continents, so one party, is absolutely miserable about having given up their friends/family/job to be with this other person. They’re basically having to rebuild their lives with this absolute child love of their life.

And since she’s a Strong Independent Woman That Don’t Need No Man, she’s always giving speeches telling him how she doesn’t need him, she’s stronger than him and she could beat him up if she wants to (and she does want to)… which seems borderline abusive.

But not to worry, because he’s still that guy that controls her every move and follows her around when she goes grocery shopping (which GODDAMMIT isn’t cute anymore because she really wants space to clip her toenails and pick her nose and do other gross human things for a minute!!)

Oh and not to mention his phone is still being hit up by all those girls he used to date- after all he was a playboy in his pre-rom-com life (as was shown in the montage at the start of the movie).

And actually, now you’re back to arguing about that big betrayal that proved you guys shouldn’t be together at all…

Still they have their cutesy moments together where they snuggle and he tells her she reminds him of himself (even though, as previously stated, they really have very little in common and she was only pretending to be into baseball that one time they went five years ago…) 

Anyway, you can’t tell your friends you are DESPERATE to do a runner, because you alienated them all when you got together in the first place and it’s taken you this long for them to accept you as a couple.

So, you’re kinda stuck with each other. Which I suppose is fair enough considering all the shit you pulled in the past (including leaving that poor schmuck at the altar!) I guess you both kinda had this coming.

And that’s it! That’s what happens after the dysfunctional couple gets together in a rom com! But what do you think? Am I being too cynical? Let me know in the comments!


20 thoughts on “What really happens after rom coms…

  1. Haha, yes I can imagine this happening with most romcom I read but I have also come across books where it’s not all sunshine in the book only and they still try not promising happily ever after so I can imagine them being together for long time.


  2. :0 THIS. IS. BRILLIANT. OHMYGOODNESS!!! Yes! I love this! One of my favorite lines of all time is in ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ where, when they are dancing/fighting, Brad Pitt’s character asks Angelina Jolie’s character, “You think this story’s gonna have a happy ending?” And she replies, “Happily endings are just stories that haven’t finished yet.” Somewhat ironically, it always makes me smile.

    Just a few weeks ago I was telling my therapist how one of the “down” sides to my years in therapy is I now see how many of the songs I used to play 4,000 times and all the movies I used to watch again and again and again…actually model REALLY unhealthy relationships. I said it while laughing with the revelation. It wasn’t really upsetting. But it was mind-blowing to see!

    Thank you for this. It’s one of the best pieces I’ve ever seen and I totally wish I’d’ve thought to write it ;D.

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    1. Aww thank you so much!!!

      Hahaha! That’s quite reminiscent of game of thrones 😉😅

      Haha I totally get what you mean! It’s a sad part of growing up as well 😅 I keep coming across things, particularly ROM coms and thinking “hang on a sec, this is just a bunch of red flags!”

      Thank you so much for reading! Really glad you enjoyed!!

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