My Really Late “Books I’m Excited for in 2022” Post!

Because it’s never too late to gush about books you’re anticipating like mad!! These are (nearly) all of the books coming out this year where I’ve thought “yes please, gimme now!” The good thing about doing this post super late is that I don’t have nearly as long to wait for some of these (and some are already out). Without further ado (cos this post is already three months late), here are some books I’m crazy excited for!

And that’s all… for now! Are you excited for any of these? What books can you not wait to read?! Let me know in the comments!


21 thoughts on “My Really Late “Books I’m Excited for in 2022” Post!

    1. I know- I found out about it while making this post tbh 😅 I was putting some books on here by some autobuy authors and thought “I wonder if Ruth ware had anything new coming out this year” so I looked it up and (of course) loved the synopsis!!

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  1. I didn’t know that Holly Black has a new book coming out? Then again, I’m rather bad at keeping track of new releases which is probably why I haven’t released a post like that either. 😀


  2. Galatea was pretty good, but I wish it was longer!! I cannot wait until Madeline Miller’s retelling of Persephone is published!


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