I Lied to You – All the Books I Promised I’d Give Away… But I Actually Kept!

Nearly two years ago I did my harshest unhaul yet and was really proud of myself for getting rid of a ton of books… Annnd then I decided to keep a bunch of them! 😅 While I was spring cleaning this year, I discovered a lot of them were still in storage and (clearly) I have little-to-no-intention of actually giving them away. I do think there are some in this secret stash I might get rid of some day… but it is not this day! 😉 Let’s discuss why I went back on my word, shall we?

Kingdom of Ash– okay I’m still pretty torn about this one. On the one hand, I didn’t like the lacklustre ending in this book and have consequently fallen out of love with the series. On the other hand, I do like a nice signed copy and the memories I have of going to the book event where I got it still excite me on some level. I’m just so undecided over whether I will get rid of this one day!

Apocalypse– again, this is a case of “it’s signed and I remember getting it signed”. Even if I never loved this book (heck I don’t even like it) I just can’t bring myself to get rid of it right now. Also, as I was going through these books, I had a weird urge to reread it and see if it has any merit that my teen-self missed… Although- with that in mind- I may actually need to get rid of this book to prevent myself from doing anything stupid 😉  

Blood Bones and Body Bits– yeahhh this is definitely a case of being overly sentimental with this one. HOWEVER, in my defence, it was my first ever signed book!! And let’s face it, the Horrible History/Horrible Science series still slaps (I may just give it to my nephews).  

Deenie– I kept for sentimental reasons. I LOVED Judy Blume books as a teen and I still have so much respect for her as a YA writer, doing so much to normalise what it’s like to go through puberty as a girl in particular. I’m holding onto the fond memories I have of reading all her books, so I won’t be letting go of this book for the time being.

Nemesis– I don’t feel remotely guilty about keeping these books (okay, maybe a little bit). At the time of the Great Unhaul (That Wasn’t Quite So Great) I said I was unsure about these ones. Turns out, I didn’t want to part with this series. I LOVED these books back when I read them. And sure, I might be older (though sadly not wiser), but I can’t seem to outgrow my love for this completely underrated YA series! I just had way too much fun with it!

And that’s all for now! I’m going to go and hang my head in shame and think about what I did! But I want to hear your thoughts before I hide away from the world. Have you ever changed your mind about an unhaul? Or do you think I’m being overly sentimental here? Let me know in the comments!  


22 thoughts on “I Lied to You – All the Books I Promised I’d Give Away… But I Actually Kept!

    1. Also, I’m guilty to have still left Kingdom of Ash unread. I was really into Throne of Glass but after waiting for it so much and then being given Tower of Dawn instead of the final book at one point, I got out of it and can’t seem to get back. Now the lacklustre ending you’re talking about is not really convincing me to pick it up…

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      1. Ah I completely understand that!! I didn’t like that it veered off with tower of dawn (which felt really unnecessary- especially since the thing they discovered is also explored in Kingdom of ash). I just didn’t love the ending as much as I wanted to!

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  1. You were actually thinking of GIVING AWAY SIGNED BOOKS? That you REMEMBER getting signed??? What are you, nuts??? The only situation where I can imagine myself doing that is … I don’t know …. if the book were a cult leader’s magnum opus and I got it signed around the time I joined the cult, only to escape years later as a broken human being. And in that case I think I’d burn the book, not give it away.

    No, I don’t think you are being overly sentimental. I’ve experienced regret over giving away books that weren’t even signed, in the course of moving house and things like that.

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    1. Hahaha! Tbh I have done it before and I don’t feel bad about it, cos I didn’t really know the author before getting the book/meeting them… But yeah I don’t have that many signed books and 95% of them I wouldn’t dream of giving away… But there are some exceptions!

      That said, I’ve gotten rid of a lot of things in the last few years- some of which I regret- I’m trying to be more cautious now!

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  2. I got rid of a bunch of books when I left the UK to go back to Thailand to live! Never again! I regreted that so much. I love my books and I have since built up a nice collection again, so wherever I go they go with me!

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