Do I stand by my old reviews? Looking back on SEVEN YEARS of book blogging!    

Hello all! This is a post that’s been a long time coming- not least because today is my 7th BLOGGIVERSARY!!!! Can you believe I’ve been doing this for SEVEN YEARS ALREADY?!?! I certainly can’t!! And of course, that’s got me being all retrospective about my old reviews. Because written a HELLUVA LOT of them in that time!

Now, naturally, when I look back on my old posts, I have to admit I don’t enjoy it. Perhaps it goes without saying, they don’t ever seem as polished as my newer reviews. So, broadly speaking, I won’t be addressing that side of things (just know I’m *internally cringing* the whole time). I’m gonna be looking at the content and whether or not I still agree with what I said about the books. Wish me luck- I’m gonna need it!

(NB: The pictures will all link to the original reviews, so feel free to check them out for reference).

As I Lay Dying– I don’t care how many times a random stranger tells me that I “didn’t get” how genius this book is, I still think it’s shit and I stand by my review. It’s plotless, stuffed with uninteresting characters and pretentiously written. I do not think this book was “ruined for me” by bad teaching or whatever nonsense someone wants to throw at me- I just think it’s bad.

The Fault in Our Stars– I was almost too kind in my review… and I didn’t say anything positive about it 😉 Maybe I’d be more forgiving if this book didn’t exploit Anne Frank for clout… but it does, so I’m never gonna forget how pretentious this book is. Also, I once saw Green state in a video that he only believes in positive reviews, so I’m never taking this down 😉

Bronze Horseman– yeah this book still sucks. I definitely could have been more concise in my review- but I stand by the gist of it.

Throne of Glass– okay, now we’re getting into some juicy stuff, because we’re talking about books I liked at the time, yet no longer care for. Reading back these positive reviews feels a bit cringey. While I still stand by some parts- like the fact it was cool to have a protagonist who wasn’t a stereotypically “nice” girl- it’s hard not to think about where said character ended up (being a really bland “chosen one” stand in). I essentially stand by what I said, because it’s how I felt at the time, and I don’t think it’s fair for my current perspective to taint that.

Eye of the World– ahhh now this one is curious, because in an unbelievable turn of events, I ended up rereading this book recently. Annnnd I still had the same trouble with the writing and desperately thinking that the story needed editing. BUT there was clearly enough intrigue in the story for me to want to give the Wheel of Time series a second try. So, I guess I’ve softened with this one, recognising that I can see why other people like it.

Lonely Hearts Hotel– oh dear- this is one of those books I wish I’d never read. I don’t want to have written a negative review about it, because I feel like I was miss-marketed the story. That said, there’s enough objectionable content in the book that I have to stand by everything I said about it.

Woman in the Window– ehh, really hard one to talk about! I try to judge a book separate from the author as much as humanly possible… however I’d have to have been living under a rock not to have heard about what was going on behind the scenes! Aside from that, while I still think the writing was stellar, watching the movie and reading/seeing other reviews has made me rethink how well I rated this book. Despite the fact that I like the motifs, the story is just not that great. This is probably the closest I’ve come to fully wanting to retract an old review!

Maidens– still, there are plenty of times when I see negative reviews and don’t change my mind! Although this is a more recent read, I’ve included this because I’ve seen *a lot* of criticisms of this book and I just don’t agree. I find it a very richly written thriller with a dark edge, elevated by its mythological references.

Beartown– when I was planning to do this post, I was thinking about this review as one I regretted. After feedback, I felt like I was perhaps too harsh on the book and the way it handled sensitive topics. And then I read Night Swim. Unfortunately, I had much the same critiques, being frustrated with its take on the legal system and its desire to overturn judicial principles like “innocent until proven guilty”. So while I wish I’d handled the topic with more sensitivity… I still haven’t changed my mind about the actual book.

The Queen’s Thief Series– it’s not all bad news though! While I had mixed feelings about this series, looking back on my review, I found it to be pretty nuanced. It’s safe to say, I had a *strong* reaction to this series- and I think the review I wrote covers that! (in spite of my rather misleading title for the review 😉 )

Sadie– if anything, I wish I could have hyped this book more! Looking back on my super positive reviews like this, I TOTALLY stand by everything I said. My only issue is that I can’t do stories like this justice! They deserve more hype!!

And that’s all for now! There are so many more reviews I could’ve talked about, but hopefully I covered a good range! What do you think? Do you think my assessment of these reviews was fair? And do you ever change your mind about old reviews? Let me know in the comments! I’m dying to hear your thoughts on this!

42 thoughts on “Do I stand by my old reviews? Looking back on SEVEN YEARS of book blogging!    

  1. I love that you went back and revisited your old reviews! I think it’s very normal for our feelings about stories to change over time. Sometimes, a story maybe met at us at a certain moment or met a need, or felt original because we hadn’t read a bunch of that same storyline yet. And it was perfect! And sometimes when we go back, those circumstances have changed. But I think it works the other way, too. Sometimes books were ruined for me by “bad teaching” (or whatever lol) or I just hadn’t had enough life experience to appreciate the plot or understand all the nuances, but then I go back later and see things I didn’t see at the time. Stories aren’t static! They really are shaped by their readers.

    Also, happy blogiversary! I’m so happy you and your wonderful blog are still going strong!

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    1. Thank you! Yes absolutely- I definitely feel that way! I can think of a few times where I’ve been so impressed with a book because I just hadn’t come across anything like it. But then it led me onto other books (some of which may have done what I loved better) and it just isn’t as incredible in my mind anymore. And sometimes books just really speak to me in a certain moment (I often think that if I read these books at a different time in my life I wouldn’t feel the same way). Haha I totally get that as well!! Absolutely!!

      Thank you so much!! 💕💗💕

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  2. This is exactly why I’m such a big fan of re-reading. A review is simply who we were at that particular moment in time. As time goes on we change. But charting that change and HOW and WHERE we change is where the fun is. While I wish that every 5star I read in my 20’s was still a 5star now, I know it isn’t possible.

    And 7 years ago you were a different person too. So don’t cringe. Enjoy those old reviews 😀

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    1. That’s a really great point!! I do agree- though I have to admit I rarely reread something and change my mind dramatically. Usually I just reread favourites and find I love them even more 😉 but I definitely see how that could happen if I reread certain books I no longer care about.

      Haha thanks!

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  3. HAPPY BELATED BLOGIVERSARY! Our blogs are getting old, aren’t they? It was really interesting to see you take a look back at old reviews for the occasion. I’m still thinking about what to do for my anniversary in June …

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  4. Happy Blogiversery! Looks like you and I started around the same time lol. No regrets! I tried to read the first page of The Sound and The Fury and had no idea what was happening, so I would probably be in the same boat as you had I decided to commit to it. Yeah, I have nostalgia regarding The Fault in Our Stars, but you are right, it’s super pretentious xD Congrats on making it 7 whole years! Keep up the great work 🙂

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  5. Happy 7th blogiversary! I actually have never thought about this. I have reviewed some books on Goodreads, but it’s not something I regularly do, so I don’t have much experience to back this up. But looking back at what I DID review, I have to say that I do stand by most of my thoughts, haha. That’s a bit of an unfair thing too, since I don’t reread books (so many new stories to read, so little time!), so maybe they’re not getting the chance they deserve.

    I thank you for giving me this thought though. Now I have to consider what I think of the books I read ten years ago.


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