All the fictional royals I don’t like

Because nothing’s more of a pain than a royal pain. As much as I enjoy books that feature kings and queens, sometimes they drive me a bit nuts. Having a crown makes people really entitled- and as true to life as that is, I frickin hate it. So here’s a list of some of the royal characters that I can’t stand:

Princess Diaries– while this is a series I liked for a lot of reasons (I read a helluva lot of them) the titular character kinda grated on my nerves. While the romance in the books is so much better than the movies, I just feel like the book version of Princess Mia lacks the charm of Anne Hathaway’s version. And to be honest, even though I read this as a teenager, I found it irritating to be in the head of this moaning teenage girl. There’s a reason- beyond respecting privacy- that you should never read someone else’s diary.

Selection– speaking of annoying, the character who takes the crown for MOST ANNOYING CHARACTER EVER is America Singer. Oh America, America, why must you be so darn bothersome? She can’t even decide between two equally bland boys, let alone do anything politically significant. And yet what she wears is somehow super important to the future of the realm. Admittedly, she’s the only one here who’s not technically a royal and frankly she’s earned her place on this list.  

Red Queen– again, not technically royal, but (the aptly named) Mare is boring AS HELL. Actually though, while we’re on the topic, I don’t like her royal love interest or the cartoonish villains in the royal family that surround her. So basically, everyone in this series gets on my nerves. No wonder I never finished it.

Vampire Academy– to be fair, the princess isn’t the main character. Because YE GODS she’s not interesting enough to be (at least in the first book).

Red, White and Royal Blue– okay this may be the one that I get in trouble for… ah well, in for a penny… truthfully I can’t stand either of the leads in this. Alex, the president’s son, is a bit too whiny for my tastes. And honestly, Prince Henry reminds me of a certain entitled real royal (who funnily enough shares the same name). And I know duty is a foreign concept, but it doesn’t endear me to characters who think only of themselves.

The Thief– I would’ve loved this series if not for the royalty in it!! They should all have their heads on spikes! Both the Queen of Eddis and (to an even greater extent) the Queen of Attolia are awful. And Gen basically takes the brunt of all their terrible decisions. What makes it even worse is the unearned romance with the psychopathic Queen of Attolia.

A Court of Thorns and Roses– Tamlin is an abusive man child. In case you didn’t already know.

And that’s all for now! Do you agree or disagree with my list? And what royals do you want to see the back of? Let me know in the comments!  

26 thoughts on “All the fictional royals I don’t like

  1. I hated America Singer so much. I read the first two books because I won them from Epic Reads, but they are NOT for me. She just seems really not bright and I couldn’t figure out why people kept implying she was smart and should be in charge of the country.

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  2. Fun topic even if I did love Red, White, and Royal Blue!! I can think of other fictional royals I didn’t like over the years and they include most of the recent “fictionalized” royals. I haven’t found one book in that genre that I could truly stand.

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  3. Queen Beatrice and her siblings Princess Samantha and Prince Jefferson from the American Royals series drove me crazy with their foolish decisions and lack of comminication with each other.

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  4. I was ready to give my strong objections on Princess Diaries being on this list because it’s a big part of my childhood, but you’re right hahaha. I really do like the style though, the diary entries felt like peeking into someone’s life when I first read the books!

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  5. Bwahahaha I loved so many of these books and characters so it’s a kind of joy seeing this as I always knew reading is a personal experience. So I am always curious to know what people didn’t like when I loved a book. 😂

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