Let’s Go to Dubrovnik and Then Split!

Yes, that’s right, I’ve just spent a week exploring the beautiful country of Croatia! And because I’ve taken way too many photos and because travel stories are fun, I’m going to talk about it (but you can skip to the next post for more bookish content 😉)

I started in the city of Dubrovnik– which was famously used for filming King’s Landing in Game of Thrones and thus has become a bit of a tourist hotspot. And ye gods, I’m glad I went, because it’s so much better in real life. The show does not do it justice. There’s a warmth and friendliness to the city that’ll instantly get you into holiday mode. The sites and views and historical landmarks are simply breath-taking. Obviously one of the highlights for me was the city walls, but I also saw some stunning sunsets. One day, I found myself on one of the most gorgeous beaches I’ve ever been to, tucked myself up on a rock reading a book and watched the sun go down over the water (the less glamorous part of the story was forgetting my headphones and scrabbling back down the rocks in the dark to retrieve them).

I then took a bus to the city of Split (which was super easy, inexpensive and comfortable for anyone who needs travel tips!). And ahhh what a city this was! It has such a cool vibe and is made really special by the way that the old town is embedded into Diocletian’s palace. I loved exploring the winding walkways and ancient cellars. I mean, you can see for yourself how awesome it is. I only wish I’d had more time in Split (you could always do with more time in Split!)

While I was staying in Split, I planned to do some day trips- the first of which was to the Plitvice Lakes. I was told they were gorgeous and that they were must-see- but nothing could’ve prepared me for how lovely it was. As you can see they were heaven on earth! Going to see these national parks was one of my main reason for doing this trip in the first place (years ago I was inspired by Marie @Drizzle and Hurricane’s awesome post)- and I was far from disappointed. The autumnal colours with the vivid blue of the lakes was simply to die for. I was particularly happy I booked a tour for this one as well- it was very well organised and took all the stress out of it!

Of course, I *had to* go to the Krka Waterfalls as well, which was (thankfully) less of a trek than the day before. Because of that, we not only got to see the ethereal and pretty river, but also had time to visit the picturesque Sibenik. Amazingly, the atmosphere was so different from one place to the next- I was so glad of the variety! It was another day in paradise!

As a final hurrah (and ending the trip on a high) I had an amazing adventure in a speedboat to five islands- including Hvar and the Blue Cave! It was so much fun and a truly memorable day 😊

If you do get the chance, I highly recommend taking a trip to Croatia! It’s an incredible country, with lovely people, wonderful culture and natural beauty. And the food was fantastic! There’s a great mix of cuisines- I didn’t have a bad meal and there were doughnuts galore! 😉

There are some pros and cons to going in October- it was less crowded and not as hot, but swimming was COLD! Admittedly I did get pretty lucky with the weather as well (missing most of the thunderstorms 😅).

But if you’re looking for an awesome holiday, go anytime, because Croatia is a country with something for everyone! 

Have you ever been to Croatia? Do you feel inspired to go?! I mean, look at this place!!


28 thoughts on “Let’s Go to Dubrovnik and Then Split!

  1. Ahhh those pictures are amazing, making me want to travel right now! 😍 I loved Split and the Krka waterfalls (so happy to see that I could inspire you for this trip! 🥺) and now… it seems like I need to add Dubrovnik and the Plitvice Lakes to my bucket list next!

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