Because who doesn’t want to write themselves into a book?! I saw this ages ago over on Life’s Fine Whine, thought it looked like such fun and so good for Nanowrimo (for the people like me who have no writing time this month)! Thanks to  Sheri Dye for creating this fab tag!

The Rules

  • Link back to the creator @ReadBetwixtWords
  • Answer each question by using your favorite (or TBR) book covers, characters, and stories
  • Tag a friend or two
  • And have fun with it!


AuthorWho’s writing your story?

If I could pick anyone, I’d choose Laini Taylor! Because she’d make even the most mundane things sound lyrical and beautiful.

WorldWhat literary world is your story part of?

Wonderland- because my life is wacky and a bit bananas.

RomanceWho will be your love-interest?

While I’d like to pick someone sweet and brilliant, the reality is I’d go for someone slightly dysfunctional. Like Wrath from Kingdom of the Wicked. This is a terrible choice- but let’s be real, I don’t always make good choices in my love life and at least this character’s hot as hell 😅

AppearanceWhat will your character look like?

Oh gosh, I feel like if you’re asking someone to describe a self-insert character the only appropriate description is a plain Jane one! 😉

Sidekick – What character/creature would you have by your side?

I’d most like someone to cheer me up- but let’s be real, I’m gonna pick Greebo from Discworld

Good, Evil, or GrayWhere does your character stand?

OOH THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO GO FULL ON ANTI-HERO EVIL!! I’m gonna have my character start out morally grey and then just get progressively more evil!

DesignationWhat will you be? (Human, Fairy, Pirate, Princess, etc..)

Human- let’s be real for a minute 😉

OppositionWho will be your nemesis?

Captain hook- menacing and human… which are the very best kinds of villain! Plus, he has an excellent catchphrase- it’s really good form 😉

The Ending – How does your story end? *Spoiler Alert!*

Something really weird you didn’t see coming…

I nominate Bookstooge, Zezee, Journey into Books, Kat, Marie and *YOU* to do this (if you want! It’s really fun!)

Do you want to be in a book? What kind of story would you like to be in? Let me know in the comments!


18 thoughts on “‘THIS IS YOUR STORY’ BOOK TAG

  1. Ahah I love this tag so much, this is so fun!
    Love that you want a surprising, weird ending: somehow these kind of endings you don’t see coming are the most fun (well. sometimes. when they’re not making you want to SCREAM ahah)! 🙂


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