My Reading Stats for 2022 – A Bookish Overview!

Yes it’s that time of year again where geeky bookworm girls get excited about stats… so let’s just skip the preamble and get right to the good stuff!!

Once again I’m realllly happy with my ratings. I mean, 3.7?! That’s way above average!! And I’d like to take the credit for this- but clearly the actual credit goes to the wonderful books I’ve been reading! 😉 (mostly I did also DNF a lot more books this year, which no doubt affected my ratings!)

The BIGGEST shift in my stats is definitely the steady decrease in YA. Year-on-year, I’m clearly choosing to read fewer books for teens (and is not that surprising considering year-on-year I get further from my teens 😂).

Amazingly there were no massive changes in the genre of books I read. I normally do see a shift here, so I was surprised to see no standout changes.

I also read about the same number of library books- at a whopping 76% of books! (basically libraries are my book-supply-lifeline and I couldn’t live without them!)

That said, there was one other MASSIVE change- and that’s the number of audiobooks I’ve read. It’s gone from a mere 25% to 48%!!!!!! That’s almost double!!! And to be honest, I’m not surprised by this shift. Not only do I think audiobooks are *AWESOME* (since I have (re)discovered the joy of being read to) I also know that I wouldn’t have done much reading at all this year if not for all the audiobooks I consumed (/devoured like a craven audiobook fiend).

So yeah, while a lot of things have stayed the same, there have been some BIG CHANGES!

Still, sometimes it’s the little things that count, such as…

Starting off this list with a small pleasure.

A HUGE slog (but not as bad as the last time! I gave it an extra banana… granted that was still only a total of two bananas- but that’s an improvement nonetheless!)

I’m pretty torn about this one, not because the book I’m choosing is in any way good (it’s not), but because I actually hated Time Traveller’s Wife more… I just couldn’t bring myself to finish it! So Constant Princess wins- purely because I suffered through it till the bitter end! 😂

This book cut DEEP!

23!! Isn’t that incredible?! (if you’re into DNFing that is 😉 ) Honestly, I’m so proud of this- you can read all about my DNFs in detail in my post!

12- way up from previous years! I’m super pleased about this, because I used to reread all the time and am resurrecting the habit. I feel like it’s a way to just show appreciation and love for a good book (and also rewarding myself with a memorable and comforting treat!) After all, what could be better than reading Lord of the Rings and Austen?! Somehow I managed to enjoy all these books more than the first time I read them!

(Granted on a funny note, I reread Looking for JJ and Selfie by accident cos I thought I’d never read them before)

Well duh!

Total waste of time. It feels like a book that desperately wants to say something profound whilst not saying much of anything at all.

I can understand this (considering I also rated it pretty high)

I quite liked this! not an amazing book, but it does what it said on the tin, so I think this is pretty harsh!

This was so hard to choose!!! I’m going to give you a few (you’re welcome 😉 )

This was a year of some super special non fic!

And that’s a wrap! So how was your reading year? Have your ratings been good? Did you discover any brilliant books? Let me know in the comments!


22 thoughts on “My Reading Stats for 2022 – A Bookish Overview!

  1. Anne of Green Gables!!! One of my very favorites!

    I still read a lot of YA, but I think it does go through weird cycles where everything starts sounding the same, and then it has to find a way to break out again.

    I’ve been trying to read more adult books, too, (contemporary since I usually go for classics), and I am honestly baffled by all the sex. Not like sex scenes. Like I am reading The Cloisters, and as far as I can tell the main character is attracted to all 3 of her other coworkers and may or may not get with all of them??? The Atlas Six and Evelyn Hugo were kind of similar. I guess I just don’t think that people in real life are constantly hooking up in literally overlapping groups all with each other? Anyway, my point is I think I would like more adult books more if they would stick more to the plot and stop whatever this is.

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    1. It only gets better with every reread!!

      Yes I completely agree. Haha I completely get what you mean about all the sex scenes in adult (although I’m finding a lot of that in ya too… Particularly ya fantasy!) Oh wow haha! I do agree


  2. I find that I go through periods of reading YA and then I stop for awhile because it all starts to sound the same. My favorite reads are the ones that break the mold and do something the others aren’t, but then that inevitably starts a trend of books trying to be THAT book and failing. I am comforted that there are some authors who consistently deliver, though, like Frances Hardinge. Every Hardinge book I’ve read has been unique and exciting! And I also was really blown away by Gilded and Cursed, so it gives me hope that YA isn’t dead to me yet.

    I also want to commit to some more rereads next year! It’s so difficult when amazing books are coming out all the time, but I want to revisit the books I loved and bask in that special feeling of reliving the comfort and excitement of days past. It’s just so hard to choose where to start!

    And, yeah, almost all of my books are from the library, so I don’t even keep track because I know my stats would be nearly 100%!

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    1. Ah yes I really relate to that! And I relate to that! I really like Hardinge. Same!! I am glad YA isn’t dead… even if I don’t read as much as I used to 😉
      Ah I get what you mean! But yes, revisiting books makes me so happy.
      Haha! That’s brilliant!

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  3. The Wild Silence is very special isn’t it – I was given Landlines her latest book as a Christmas present and am really looking forward to it even though it indicates that her husband’s health has deteriorated

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