Following the crowd! Goodreads Choice Award Winners I LOVE

Often when the Goodreads Choice Award Winners are announced I give a huff of disapproval. Too often, for me at least, I can’t see why the books have won this annual popularity contest. It’s not just that I don’t like the books, it’s that I don’t get the hype. I guess I just don’t follow the crowd enough (as I discussed in a far more scientific, statistical piece a few years ago). AND YET sometimes, I absolutely do get it. This list is dedicated to the times when the Goodreads community were bang on the money and put the best books in the top spot. Without further ado, these are my favourite Goodreads Choice Award Winners:

Carrie Soto Was Here– obviously a 90s tennis book was gonna be a real winner with me! To be fair, I seem to be won over by every Taylor Jenkins Reid book, so I’ll admit I vote for them every time.

Circe– another no-brainer, this *genius* Odyssey retelling is one of those rare occasions where an author actually manages to get us to care more about a secondary character than the original hero. But then, Miller is a master at storytelling.

Red Rising– romans in space was bound to be bring a lot of action… and a lot of heartache. This delivered a bloodydamn brilliant time. As a fan eagerly awaiting the sixth instalment in this powerhouse of a series, I can safely say it deserved this award (and more besides!)

The Martian– a sci fi about being stuck in space shouldn’t make me this happy- and somehow it does! Weir’s wonderful protagonist Mark Watney is a favourite for me and many other readers to this day!

Pumpkinheads– of course this deserved to win! A cutesy, sweet Halloween graphic novel is what we all need in our lives. It was not only an instant hit with me- it’s something I return to every year!

Clap When You Land– emotionally, this is note perfect. There are few contemporary YA books that stand up to the power of this story.

Salt to the Sea– speaking of a book hitting you in the *feels*, this book pretty much hammers you with emotions. With this book, Sepetys proved beyond a doubt that her historical fiction, focusing on topics not often touched on, was top notch. 

The Nightingale– while the subject of French occupation and resistance in WW2 is broadly discussed in literature, I have to say this particular portrayal is immensely powerful and worth checking out. I think this is popular for a reason.

Silent Patient– perhaps this one may not make me quite so popular- but I do love this Greek mythology inspired thriller. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, yet clearly I’m not alone in enjoying its success.

We Were Liars– a lot of this book’s success came from people being hush hush about its plot twist- however I have never been quiet about how much I loved this YA book.

Gone Girl– if nothing else, I get this story’s significance in the cultural zeitgeist. Still inspiring copycats over a decade later, this is expertly written, with a twist to die for. It’s absolutely deserving of all the accolades. 

And that’s all for now! Do you agree or disagree with this list? And dare I ask- are you a fan of Goodreads Choice Awards? Let me know in the comments!


27 thoughts on “Following the crowd! Goodreads Choice Award Winners I LOVE

  1. Haha! I saw the title and thought, “Wait a minute. Someone has something positive to say about the Goodreads Choice Awards??” I do think that sometimes the award winners are very good, but it is so much more common to see bloggers scratching their heads over the categories and bemoaning that popularity seems to trump quality.

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  2. I’ve actually read and loved or at least liked a lot of these as well!! Carrie Soto is a general fave of mine, so is the Martian and Red Rising. But I also have fond memories of We Were Liars and Gone Girl. Such a great idea for a post!

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  3. Isn’t devilreads nothing BUT a popularity contest? That being the case, I’m not surprised you like some of them. They’re popular for a reason after all. Even if with not the more discerning readers 😉

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  4. I’ve read almost all of these (not Red Rising) — oh, and not The Nightingale, but that’s one I do intend to read — and for the most part, yes, I do agree! I’ve enjoyed all of these, although I’m usually puzzled by some of the specific genre choices. Always fun to see though!

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  5. I disliked Gone Girl (to be fair thrillers aren’t usually my jam) but I love Clap When You Land and Red Rising (I think Morningstar was my favorite of that first trilogy and it won too if I’m not mistaken).

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  6. Great list, and I definitely agree with most of these. It’s funny how the reaction to super popular things can sometimes be revulsion. 😅 A lot of these books I’m so glad I picked up though!

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