Luminaries Was Dreamily Dark

*Received from Netgalley in exchange for review- but all the bright ideas here are my own!*

Entering into the nightmarish world of Luminaries, I was immediately taken by the moody setting and beastly concept. Inventive and intriguing, the narrative was instantly compelling. The opening drew me in, with atmospheric writing and exciting storytelling.

Voicey and with distinct characters, the audiobook was an excellent choice for this story. A balance of romance and friendship and family kept me invested in the cast. Most importantly, the language and voice acting lent itself really well to the medium. 

I became very quickly swept up in the saga. With plenty of mystery and monsters lurking in the plot, I was kept on my toes throughout. Admittedly, there were aspects about the ending that were a little lacklustre- yet still enough intrigue to make me want to continue the series.

Overall, an engaging start to a series, with plenty that has piqued my curiosity for more.

Rating: 3½/5 bananas

And that’s all for now! Have you read this book? Do you plan to? Let me know in the comments!


8 thoughts on “Luminaries Was Dreamily Dark

  1. I got it from Illumicrate and really enjoyed it. I do think it reads a little on the younger side of YA and I’m not sure how much I liked Wednesday but I’ll definitely read the next book. My view is probably a little skewed by having taken part in the original Sooz Your Own Adventure on twitter though.

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