Welcome to Orang-utan Librarian!

I bet you are all surprised to see that an orang-utan can manage to use a keyboard, let alone run a blog about books. Well, prepare to be amazed, because I’ve barely got started yet. Ok enough aping around. Please insert the usual disclaimer about all opinions being my own here. Also try not to take offence at my brutal honesty or bananas posts. Yada yada yada, etcetera etcetera.  So without further ado (*drumroll please*) I hereby declare this virtual library open.

And yes, for all you Terry Pratchett fans out there, the title is a nod to the Librarian. If you’re up to hearing my Pratchett journey, you can read all about it here, otherwise stay tuned for a few too many references!

Now for the adminy bit: you can find me on Twitter @orangutanreads, Instagram @theorangutangallery and email at theorangutanlibrarian@gmail.com (I am not currently accepting requests). Alrighty then- that’s almost everything- before we go…

Let’s Go Bananas for the Rating System:

banana rating


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