Goodreads What Were You Thinking? All The Times I Questioned The Goodreads Choice Award Winners…

While I religiously await the announcement of the Goodreads Choice Awards Nominees and Winners every. darn. year, I am nearly always disappointed by the outcome. Not just because I don’t want to read a lot of the books on the list, but because there are so frequently WTH moments, where I question the reading gods and why they chose to put such blatantly bad books at the top of the list. So, following up on my last post where I discussed the winners I actually liked I’ve decided to discuss some of the stinkers and meh reads that somehow managed to win this (perhaps-not-so) prestigious award.

Now, as much as I’m tempted to simply stick all my one/two banana reads on here, I am not going to just be playing into my own specific biases (*though obviously there will be some bias because you can’t have an objective opinion* 😉) I’m going to be talking about some books I quite liked- yet where I *DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY IT WON*. Because there’s some weird shit going on sometimes with these votes and I don’t get it. On the more positive side, I also won’t be sticking books I hated (*ahem* TFIOS) just because I hated them- even I can see why they were popular. Finally, while I’ll give an honorary mention to Cursed Child and Go Set a Watchman, I can’t give them a proper spot on this list because I haven’t read them (and actively don’t want to- which is why I question the fact they won!!)

Alright, enough of a preamble- onto the books!

Lessons in Chemistry– and I’m instantly breaking my own rule by including a book I’m not surprised won. It’s not a terrible book by any stretch of the imagination and it does appeal to a certain kind of ideological thinking- HOWEVER it’s this that frustrates me in the sheer arbitrariness of why a book becomes popular. As much as it’s not terrible, it’s also not great. If not for *the messaging* making certain people with a very slanted (and somewhat childish) view of history happy, this book would not have had the crazy success that it did.

The Maid– moving onto a book that’s not bad at all and that I actually LIKED… Look if this had been up for a contemporary award, I wouldn’t have minded so much (although I still wouldn’t have voted for it). What I object to is that a book with such a poorly written mystery plot won in that category?! When I read this, I distinctly remembered enjoying it *in spite* of feeling it was mismarketed as a thriller- and you want me to accept that it won over *so many* genuinely suspenseful and well-plotted books in that category?!? Nah man, it feels like I’ve been had.

Spanish Love Deception– okay this one was just lousy. There’s nothing else to say. It’s hundreds of pages of nothing. Whatever made it popular on Tiktok made it popular on Goodreads- and I don’t get it.

House of Earth and Blood– I like this less and less over time. Maas’ foray into adult fiction didn’t distinguish itself from her YA, except that it was more convoluted and boring. But hey- at least the characters and their romances felt like they’d been copied straight from her other books (except with new descriptors). This was not it for me.

Court of Silver Flames– yeahhh I’m not sorry for including Maas twice on this list. I’m just so unimpressed with the continuation of this series (that didn’t even satisfy me with its first conclusion). I felt like a sucker for reading it. And though this may be a case of me not being into Maas’ books anymore, I’m just gonna come out and say it: I’m tired of Maas winning fantasy category every year when there are so many better fantasy books out there. I want to see another author who actually brings something exciting to the genre win this for a change!

It Ends With Us– when this first came out, I felt like a pariah for not liking it. I personally find it a crass representation of domestic violence with an oversimplified plot and some tropes that are questionable (particularly the way it represents the abuser as just a poor damaged soul rather than the narcissistic prick they actually are according to science 😉). I thought I was alone in this, yet more recently, I’ve found I’m not so alone in my opinion. So at least that’s comforting. It winning an award for this shoddy job is still salt in the wound.

Still Me– such a nothing book. I cannot fathom why this lousy follow up to Me Before You was so well liked. Someone will have to explain it to me, because I don’t get it.

Truly Madly Guilty– I can barely even remember this book, but I can see from the average rating of 3.59 that it’s not super well-loved- so why the hell did this win an award?? Was it simply a matter of author recognition? Is that the secret to all of these?

The Last Thing He Told Me– yet another nothing burger with a side of empty fries. This is one of the most forgettable books I’ve ever read- so much so I can’t even remember the story! How then did it win an award when it was competing with books that contained an actual- ya know- memorable story!?!

Girl on a Train– because this wasn’t Gone Girl and this trainwreck was the start of a Satanic spawning of a whole subgenre of thrillers I am not here for.

So- here’s the moment of truth- do you agree or disagree with these books? Can you tell me why they were popular? AM I MISSING SOMETHING??!! And are there other winners you didn’t like? Let me know in the comments!

Following the crowd! Goodreads Choice Award Winners I LOVE

Often when the Goodreads Choice Award Winners are announced I give a huff of disapproval. Too often, for me at least, I can’t see why the books have won this annual popularity contest. It’s not just that I don’t like the books, it’s that I don’t get the hype. I guess I just don’t follow the crowd enough (as I discussed in a far more scientific, statistical piece a few years ago). AND YET sometimes, I absolutely do get it. This list is dedicated to the times when the Goodreads community were bang on the money and put the best books in the top spot. Without further ado, these are my favourite Goodreads Choice Award Winners:

Carrie Soto Was Here– obviously a 90s tennis book was gonna be a real winner with me! To be fair, I seem to be won over by every Taylor Jenkins Reid book, so I’ll admit I vote for them every time.

Circe– another no-brainer, this *genius* Odyssey retelling is one of those rare occasions where an author actually manages to get us to care more about a secondary character than the original hero. But then, Miller is a master at storytelling.

Red Rising– romans in space was bound to be bring a lot of action… and a lot of heartache. This delivered a bloodydamn brilliant time. As a fan eagerly awaiting the sixth instalment in this powerhouse of a series, I can safely say it deserved this award (and more besides!)

The Martian– a sci fi about being stuck in space shouldn’t make me this happy- and somehow it does! Weir’s wonderful protagonist Mark Watney is a favourite for me and many other readers to this day!

Pumpkinheads– of course this deserved to win! A cutesy, sweet Halloween graphic novel is what we all need in our lives. It was not only an instant hit with me- it’s something I return to every year!

Clap When You Land– emotionally, this is note perfect. There are few contemporary YA books that stand up to the power of this story.

Salt to the Sea– speaking of a book hitting you in the *feels*, this book pretty much hammers you with emotions. With this book, Sepetys proved beyond a doubt that her historical fiction, focusing on topics not often touched on, was top notch. 

The Nightingale– while the subject of French occupation and resistance in WW2 is broadly discussed in literature, I have to say this particular portrayal is immensely powerful and worth checking out. I think this is popular for a reason.

Silent Patient– perhaps this one may not make me quite so popular- but I do love this Greek mythology inspired thriller. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, yet clearly I’m not alone in enjoying its success.

We Were Liars– a lot of this book’s success came from people being hush hush about its plot twist- however I have never been quiet about how much I loved this YA book.

Gone Girl– if nothing else, I get this story’s significance in the cultural zeitgeist. Still inspiring copycats over a decade later, this is expertly written, with a twist to die for. It’s absolutely deserving of all the accolades. 

And that’s all for now! Do you agree or disagree with this list? And dare I ask- are you a fan of Goodreads Choice Awards? Let me know in the comments!

How To Heal A Broken Heart

Falling out of love is like coming off a crack addiction… or so I’ve been told. I’ve only ever experienced the former- so I can definitely attest to the fact heartbreak is no joke. Which is why I have written this very, very serious post 😉 Now, you can go online and find lots of (sensible) suggestions on how to work through your heartache by writing lists, analysing, rethinking your entire existence… but this isn’t going to be anything like that. No, this is going to be practical advice you can put into action *starting right now*- you’re welcome! 😉

#STEP 1: Wallow in music. Go on- fish out an old mixed tape or put on Spotify or do whatever you cool kids do these days to listen to your favourite jam. Then get into a starfish position on your bed, ready to do some serious moping. Wailing along with the most mournful tunes is essential, so make sure the neighbours are out (if you like them). Do not- and I repeat *do not*- get out of your pyjamas at this stage! It could be detrimental to your recovery!

#STEP 2: Nibble on chocolate. At this point, you should be beginning to move out of your corpse pose and into a foetal position. Which means you can begin to take in some sustenance to keep you going for the next few stages. A few chocolate raisins should do the trick. Bear in mind, you are just working up an appetite for stage 3…

#STEP 3: Gorge on ice cream! Well done!! You’ve made it the crucial point in your recovery that will be vital to your survival! You should now be able to sit upright (even if you still can’t see straight from crying). You have permission to do this while reading over old texts, watching rom coms and screaming “WHY” into the aether (none of which are essential, they are merely optional- whatever keeps you going until you’ve finished all the tubs of ice cream in your freezer).

#STEP 4: You should probably take a shower. It’s been a while. 

#STEP 5: get out of those raggedy jim-jams and into your raggedy gym clothes! It’s time to do some exercise! No, don’t look at me like that- this isn’t some cruel and unusual punishment. Science says exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy- so go get yourself some endorphins! It doesn’t really matter what you do: yoga, punching things, walking the dog or all of the above- whatever works to get the blood flowing!

#STEP 6: get creative! Paint a picture, write a series of poems, bake a cake (or 20)- do whatever you need to get those juices flowing! You’ve got to get all that angst out of your system somehow.

#STEP 7: refill the well– whether that’s going on dates or reading books or watching movies. Because you’re almost there with your healing journey (and all those emotional beats will never feel sharper… so you may as well feel them now).

#STEP 8: get busy living… whatever that means to you.

#STEP 9: Write a list on the internet about how to heal a broken heart (where you really struggle because you can’t even remember what you did and what it felt like because my goodness was it that long ago?)

And that’s all I’ve got for today! Do you have any (better) tips you can add? Let me know in the comments!

Best Books for Healing a Heartbreak

So, you’ve had your heart broken and you don’t know where to turn and you fuzzy tear-filled mind thinks, how about a nice book? But they’re all happy, clappy romances and you don’t know what to do- well I’ve got you covered for every mood you can be in post-break-up or heartbreak.

One True Loves– plaintively capturing themes of love and loss, this unusual contemporary shines a light on the concept of “one true love”. Perhaps, after all, it is possible to have more than one 😉

Song of Achilles– if what you need is a good cry, then my goodness this book has you covered! *Be warned* though, this romantic retelling of Achilles and Patroclus, may break your heart all over again.

Noughts and Crosses– of course I had to include this star-crossed lovers alternate history! It’s the ultimate heartbreaker!

A Man Called Ove– a book about coping, or struggling to cope, with the loss of love in the later stages of life. This story let’s us know that love, hope and happiness can be found in even the most unlikely of places. It isn’t always easy, but it is ultimately uplifting.

Wuthering Heights– hauntingly romantic, this romance is so dysfunctional that, at the very least, it won’t have you envying the leads 😉

Tess of the D’Urbervilles– for those wanting to revel in heartbreak, then this is the book for you. Tragic and painful, this story proves that even angels can break your heart 😉 A dark picture of romance, Hardy writes of broken innocence and the cruelty of love.

Second Chance Summer– an emotional read, this YA contemporary is about getting second chance in romance and familial love. Because sometimes we need a little hope.

The Road Trip– on that note, this sweet romance can definitely serve as a pick-me-up. As is a frequent feature of Beth O’Leary books, this story moves from a painful situation to finding happiness, as we get to see former lovers reunite on an unexpected journey. There’s heart-breaking moments for sure- yet it all works out in the end!

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before– speaking of happier heartbreak stories, this is fundamentally a story about first love and falling out of love. It shows us that maybe the person we aren’t supposed to be with a fantasy. And maybe the universe has something far greater waiting just around the corner. After all, not all books about heartbreak have to end in tears.

Maybe You Should Talk To Someone– a book for healing, this is the memoir of a therapist as she goes through her own therapy. At its heart, it focuses on Gottlieb’s own breakup and the deeply personal lessons learnt from it. Lessons that can be applied to our own troubles and heartbreaks (spoil alert: it goes deeper than just calling her ex a dog… which is a conclusion you may or may not reach on your own 😉)

It’s Called A Breakup Because It’s Broken– there had to be at least one of those popular self-help titles on this list 😉 I promise it’s a good one! Even in the throes of depression, this book will make you laugh and feel *a lot* better about your heartache. Partly thanks to a sense of schadenfreude (I found myself going “well at least I didn’t do that!” numerous times), partly thanks to the comforting advice (with a heavy dose of what notto do) and mostly thanks to the ways it points out that the failed relationship was most likely shit anyway. With its personal stories of going through a breakup and coming out the other side, this book can help anyone going a hard time.

And that’s all for now! Have you read any of the books on this list? Do you have any heartbreak books to add? Let me know in the comments!

My Ultimate Heartbreak Playlist- For *All the Moods* and Stages of a Broken Heart!

Because by now I’ve had a lot of practice in this area 😉 I know that I always struggle to find the *exact right* song for every mood of heartbreak and breakups- so I’ve decided to collate some for you today- you’re welcome 😉 I promise this won’t just be Taylor Swift (though obviously there will be plenty of Taylor 😉). Let’s not waste any time and jump right into it!

The unrequited love songMon Histoire from Les Miserables

The other unrequited love songStrange and Beautiful by Aqualung

The “I really shouldn’t be in this relationship in the first place” songIllicit affairs by Taylor Swift

…But this toxic love affair is so beautiful I can’t help myselfSkinny Love by Birdy

The damn I fucked up song– Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons

The just been dumped song– So Cold by Ben Cocks

The “I’m never getting over this shit” songHaunted by Taylor Swift (can be substituted for Wrecking Ball if things get really shit 😉 )

The walking wounded songThe Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars

The heartbreak sounds better in a foreign language song– Nesicha Sheli by Ivri Leder

The betrayal songBurn from Hamilton

The not taking you back songApologise by Timberland

The okay I’m angry now songShot through the heart by Bon Jovi

The jolly FUCK YOU songThe Best by Tiffany Houghton

ANGRYYYYY!!! Too Late by Black Sabbath (or any song by Black Sabbath)

The someone cut all contact songSomebody that I used to know by Gotye

The relationship was bad anyway songAll Too Well by Taylor Swift

The “I hate you but I’m chill about it” songLove Yourself by Justin Bieber

The random searching for the perfect song stageChampagne problems from the other perspective by Julia Shappy

The not quite ready to let go songWhen was it over by Sasha sloan

The giving up stageSay Something by A Great Big World

I have no wordsLet it go by Piano Guys.

The heartbreak is poetry stageHallelujah by Jeff Buckley

The indie phaseDon’t look back by Amarante

The alright I’ll get over it song– Let It Go by James Bay

The forgiveness songLet it be by the Beatles

The rocking-being-single songSolo by Jennie

I miss you (but in a really upbeat way)– Subleme la Radio by Enrique Iglesias

Yup I’m so ready to move on now thanks– Thank u next by Ariana Grande

The I want you to be happy songHappier by Ed Sheeran

Seriously, I want you to be happyHappier by Marshmello

The reminiscent phaseThese Days by Rudimental

Ahhh I’ve finally reached that elusive AcceptanceClean by Taylor Swift

And that’s all… for now! Do you have any favourite heartbreak songs? Feel free to add more Taylor Swift songs 😉

GIVE ME A BREAK!! Horribly *Toxic* Romances I Wish I’d Never Read…

I wish I could dump all these books! Because I’m so tired of toxic tropes and bad romances. And these are in the romance novels we’re supposed to revere. There’s a plethora of unhealthy relationships in books- and I’m here to call it out!

Twilight– it’s not simply that I don’t find sparkly vampires sexy- it’s that I can’t stand Edward’s controlling behaviour, possessiveness and downright stalking. The so-called loving relationship in this series is built on abusive behaviour patterns. Add in the side piece Jacob being EVEN MORE toxic, with his manipulative behaviour and sexual assault, and it’s no surprise this book gets called out for its poor representation of romance.

Fifty Shades of Grey– oh my- I didn’t realise a book could be as bad as this. In all honesty, who is surprised to see this book on here? Christian Grey is a poster boy for billionaire abusers. And this book is a great example of how coercion is not consent.

Beautiful Disaster– Travis is walking red flag- oh but he’s hot, so it’s okay apparently.

The Duke and I– shockingly unromantic. Leaving the communication issues aside, the main character actually believes she has every right to rape her partner… and even blames him for it. Just an icky book.

It Ends With Us– ironically, this book is trying to turn the narrative on its head, by showing us how you can miss the red flags. Unfortunately, I feel like it fails horribly. Making excuses for the abuser, inserting another (unhealthy) relationship in the book (which began when the mc was underage) and deciding to still have contact with the abuser. If you’re looking for a book to shine a light on domestic abuse, this is not it.   

Time Traveller’s Wife– because grooming is not romantic.

Foxhole Court– cos the rapey vibes gross me out.  

A Court of Thorns and Roses– people say Tamlin’s character was ruined in later books. I disagree. He was too bland to be ruined. The fact that he morphs into an abusive man-child qualifies him for this list. And that’s not even considering the fact that all the so-called “healthy” relationships in this series are completely co-dependent. No one in Maas’ series can cope outside of a relationship it seems. Yet apparently that’s a-okay because they’re “mates” (yeuch).  

Normal People– for all its pretention, this is simply a romance book. And a bad one at that. The couple in this are self-centred and treat everyone around them as collateral damage. Their being so ghastly should in fact make them exempt from this list- since I was trying to choose books that were romantic- but I made an exception here because I don’t think we’re actually supposed to view them as vile. Even if they absolutely deserve each other.  

The Notebook– call me old-fashioned, but endless shouting matches don’t really scream romantic to me. Apart from the cheating aspect (which is also completely toxic) they simply communicate in a really unpleasant way. Books like this don’t age well.

And that’s it for now! Do you want to dump these books (in a fire) too? Do you have any more to add (to the furnace)? Let me know in the comments!

Books I’m RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED for in 2023!!

(I shall try to keep the screaming to a minimum 😉)

Because a new year means NEW BOOKS!! And of course (as per usual) I’m bouncing up and down seeing all the wonderful new titles that are going to be published this year!! I’m sure this is only scratching the surface- but here’s the ones I know about so far…

There’s also a TON of Sanderson books coming out next year! And TONS MORE books I do not even know about yet! So much to get excited about!

And that’s all I’ve got… for now! What books are you looking forward to in 2023? Let me know in the comments! I can’t wait to hear what you’re excited for!

Just a Few MORE Unusual Retellings

Here I am again, feeding that retelling obsession! Except this time, I’m branching out from simply talking fairy tales and going to spread the love to EVEN MORE stories! Because I love a good twist on a classic 😉

Gilded– kicking off with this absolutely GOLDEN Rumplestiltskin retelling- I swear Marissa Meyer book had me wrapped around its little finger when it comes to YA fantasy!

Circe– speaking of amazing authors, I could fill up a list just with Miller’s work! But if I had to choose just one, I’d have to go with her classic retelling of the Circe myth, since it clearly cast quite the spell on me 😉

Lore Olympus– for a completely take on Greek mythology, I definitely suggest giving the Lore Olympus series a shout. Not only is the illustration to die for, but it actually manages to successfully modernise the notoriously tricky Persephone/Hades story. 

This Woven Kingdom– naturally I couldn’t make a list like this without mentioning a new favourite! Inspired by Iranian folklore, Mafi spun a splendid start to a series.

My Plain Jane– with a hint of the supernatural, the trio of authors who brought us My Lady Jane teamed up again to deliver a fantastical take on a classic. Full of fun and entertaining plot twists, this is a retelling that doesn’t ask to be taken too seriously.

Anna K– I can’t say that I expected to be so taken with this retelling of Anna Karenina, but it seems this angsty and scandalous take on the classic got a lot of things right (whilst being oh so very wrong 😉) Highly recommend if you’re looking for something a bit out there! 

Death of Mrs Westaway– when it comes to Ware’s books, there’s a few I could choose from (surprisingly for a thriller writer). However, while the likes of Turn of the Key are perhaps more faithful to the source material in some ways, this one had the feel of the original more. The atmospheric tension really captured the gothic sense of Rebecca– which is all I could have asked for!

And that’s all for now! Do you have any more unusual retellings for me? Particularly ones that are based on classics!! Let me hear all about them in the comments!

Atmospheric Wintry Reads!

Ahh time to get cosy with a hot chocolate- because I’m about to spill the tea on the best wintry reads 😉

Winter Rose– with its enchanting forest setting, I was swept up by the magic of McKillip’s writing and taken in by her stunning retelling.

Echo North– reading this reimagining of East of the Sun West of the Moon felt like stepping into a fairy tale.

Bear and the Nightingale– because nothing is more atmospheric AND wintry than this Russian folklore retelling!

Snow Child– and if you can’t get enough of Russian folklore, then why not try this exquisite tale that transports traditional stories to remote Alaska?

Wolf in the Whale– of course, the setting of Alaska is so cool that I had to include this unusual historical fantasy that imagines what happened when the Vikings crossed paths with the Inuit people.

Between Shades of Grey– a chilling story of Soviet cruelty, Sepetys is guaranteed to carry you away with her wondrous way with words.

Ice Twins– for a complete change of pace, this remote thriller brought up a gothic sense of Scotland and I was here for it!

And that’s all for now! What are some of your favourite atmospheric winter reads? And did you enjoy any of these? Let me know in the comments!

Pointless Self-Help Books – These Are Ones to *AVOID*!!

It’s that time of the year again when we all fish out our gym kits and make endless lists of all the things we plan to improve about ourselves (only to abandon these plans halfway through February, because life’s busy enough as it is, thankyouverymuch!). Of course, if you’re getting in the mood to make those resolutions, you may be drawn to a few self-help guides and I’m here to tell you to STOP!! Hold up, because a helluva lot of them are not in the slightest bit, well, helpful. So I’m here as your helpful guide on which self-help books you should *definitely* avoid 😉

War of Art– I had a real battle with this book and I’m still feeling bruised over it. Not only does the author pull “facts” out his armpit, he oversimplifies *EVERYTHING* as Resistance (with a capital R, cos he’s a cool cat, dontchaknow). Going for a walk is Resistance. Reading a book is Resistance. Doing anything interesting at all is Resistance to this guy. I reckon it’d be awful to be friends with someone who’s constantly calling everything you do a waste of time. Also, I wouldn’t want to take my chances with any of his fiction- it’s not exactly gonna be informed by, you know, having a life.

Bird by Bird– please don’t get in a flap if you liked this book- it simply wasn’t for me! In fairness, I rarely jam with writing advice books- yet I genuinely found the advice in here to be particularly generic. Plus, I don’t find any reason to read YET ANOTHER book telling potential authors that writing is hard and they should pick another career. Even if that wasn’t pointlessly discouraging, it’s also a-done-to-death piece of advice. Try feathering your nest with some original thoughts- thanks.

The Art of Hygge– I honestly can’t believe I actually finished this book?! I mean, I am curious about the Danish practice of hygge- however I think the point of it is to be cosy not bored. Aside from that, this book is full of reallllly pointless advice. Unless you need to be told to put flowers in water. In which case, I don’t think this book is going to cover enough regular-old-life hacks for you.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up- Marie Kondo’s book on tidying up is a cleanly written self-help guide, informing us all that we should get rid of anything that’s cluttering up our lives and doesn’t “spark joy”. It’s not terrible advice to start with- but UNFORTUNATELY the principles aren’t that complicated- so you don’t need to read a whole book about it! It’s also a bit of a problem to encourage people to discard things this easily- if you’re prone to unhauling things, like I am, you’ll find you get rid of things that you need and you may come to regret it!! And in case that wasn’t enough to put me off, the advice to have just 30 books in your collection hurts my soul as a bookworm ☹ (let’s be real, I’d much rather read a book on how I can build my own personal library!)

Captivate– this is one of those pseudo-intellectual books that promises to teach you how to read body language. Now, I’m not saying there’s nothing to that- however I will say that a book going into tremendous detail about how raised eyebrows means you’re surprised may just be a waste of your time. Personally, I also don’t like the fact that this encourages people to read into “micro-expressions”. Considering the fact that in CBT (and other psychological practices) try to teach people out of mind reading, as its behaviours like this that may feed into depression or anxiety or other mental health problems, I’d say this is a pretty harmful message. But hey, this book isn’t written by an actual psychologist, it’s by a business major whose main expertise is parting people from their money…

Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck– I could not give a fuck about this book (see I can swear too). So much so that I couldn’t even finish it. Which I suppose means the book did its job, since it’s about not caring. Still, I think the only thing this book will make you not care about is its own content, considering advice like “just don’t give a shit about anything” is not only dumb, but will also have very little affect on you if you are bothered about things!! It’s about as helpful as someone telling you to “relax” when you’re stressed or “be happy” when you’re sad or “just do it” when you have a problem with procrastinating (got to take another shot at War of Art there 😉 ). Ultimately, this book is merely a pathetic attempt at being edgy.

And that’s all for now! Do you agree or disagree with this list? And do you have any other self-help books you think are a waste of time? Let me know in the comments!