My Reading Stats for 2020 – A Bookish Overview

Not including DNFs!

Just like the rest of the year, everything about my stats is skew-whiff. I’m obviously happy that my average rating was so high and I had a very small number of low rated books. What I’m pretty baffled by, however, is how I read fewer books in genres I love- especially fantasy, which was down from my usual 1/3 to just a 1/4! I do think this was a blip (especially considering most of my favourites from 2020 were fantasy books). I also think that this could be a good thing– since varying the genres so much meant that I never got genre fatigue (and I guess I just stuck to high quality fantasy instead of just ploughing through a bunch I wasn’t really enjoying). Predictably I read fewer challenging books, including classics, however on the flipside, I read SO MANY non fiction this year (some of which was True Crime which I don’t normally go for). For some reason, when life was stranger than fiction, I ended up with a craving for real life (and I guess this makes more sense of my reduced number of fantasy reads: basically everything seems to be fantasy right now, so it makes no difference what genre I read!)

In terms of other stats, I’m sadly listening to fewer audiobooks (I really need to get on looking for a bigger list to dive into, because what I have listened to, I’ve really enjoyed!). However, most exciting of all, this year I decided to start checking out my library stats. Inspired by Pages Unbound post with their stats back in 2019, I decided to keep track of how many books I’d read were borrowed from a library. Last year it made up 43% and, remarkably, this year it was even more at 57%! On that note, because I know a lot of people aren’t aware of this, but libraries are still a-go in the middle of this pandemic! I know that across London, where I’m at, you can order books to collect and make use of ebooks (through Libby/Overdrive and Borrowbox). And the same goes for a lot of the UK and the US- definitely worth checking online to see what your library can offer you!

Okay PSA over- now let’s check out the rest of my stats:

There was a lot packed into this! I never would’ve guessed it was so short!! 

This was really the longest?! It didn’t feel it! It went by so fast! I suppose that’s the mark of a good book!

Sorry Booker Prize stans, not a fan of this.

Going to mention my favourite new author this year, because both her books- Ten Thousand doors of January and Once and Future Witches– cast a spell on me!

This is the year I finally learnt the meaning of “LIFE’S TOO SHORT!” I DNF’d a grand total of *11 books*!! That’s a new record for me- by quite a distance!

7- very happy with this! Especially since they were all a delight to reread!

The Hobbit- bit of a problem when I do rereads- cos I’m sure this has come up before.

Well I’m not happy about this being least popular, cos I enjoyed it! By the fabulous Fran Laniado- a lovely retelling of Beauty and the Beast- it’s well worth checking out!

Yeah this was underwhelming for me- but I don’t think it deserves the lowest rating!

Even if I’ve read fewer audiobooks, I did listened to some incredible ones. Holly Chase was *so much fun* to listen to and gave me wonderful Christmassy feelings 😀 I also really liked the Aurora Burning audiobook- it’s made me definitely want to continue the series that way! I also listened to the whole Diviners series on audiobook and that was a creepilicious delight!

And a new category…

Inheritance- I never would’ve discovered this if not for the library! I saw it being requested a few times and thought the story behind it was intriguing… so glad I picked it up! And highly recommend if you want to read a genealogical detective story!

And that’s a wrap! So how was your reading year? Have your ratings been good? Did you discover any brilliant books? Let me know in the comments!

Favourites for 2020!

2020 has been… odd. While some good things have happened in my personal life, I haven’t done much or discovered a whole lot of exciting things or been one of those people that’s learnt new skills in lockdown… But let’s not dwell on that. Today is about celebrating the things I have enjoyed in 2020! While I don’t normally do *favourites* posts, I decided to make an exception this year, because we could all do with more good stuff in our lives! So, I’m going to be recommending some non-bookish things I’ve liked this year (don’t worry, the book wrap ups will come soon enough!) It won’t be a tremendously long list, cos about 95% of the things I enjoy are book related 😉 Let’s hop to it!

Love Wedding Repeat– yes, I’m mentioning this again 😉 This was the movie I had most fun watching this year. And (I can say from experience) it’s also the kind of film that I can happily rewatch!

The Queen’s Gambit– I was surprised by how much I loved this. I hardly thought that a TV show about being a chess champion could be so gripping and emotional! And when I look back on all the TV I watched this year (and I watched a fair amount 😉) it’s the one that stands out to me most. It’s a real winner.

Folklore– Taylor Swift’s surprise album drop just about made my week/month/year. As I predicted when I ranked the songs, my favourites have mostly changed (other than Invisible String, which is still my number one, cos it just continues to make me so happy). My new order is: Invisible String, Mad Woman, Illicit Affairs, Exile, Cardigan, Hoax… then it’s pretty much the same. Love this album- still my favourite from Swift! (And I’m writing this just as I find out she has another album out this year- SQUEEEEEE!!!)

Wizard of Oz Bookmark from Bookworm Heaven– yes, I’ve showed this off before. And yes, I said I wouldn’t show off any bookish stuff in this post. However, this is the exception to that rule, because isn’t it pretty?! You can check out the Etsy here for more designs (notspon).

Philips IPL device– this was my sister’s idea to include, cos as you may have noticed, I’m not really one that knows a lot about beauty products (though if you want *much* better tips in that department, check out her blog!). In fact, it was also her idea to take advantage of all the months in lockdown to do something practical for the future and try out these hair removal devices. I’m not as far along in the programme as she is (having only started in our second lockdown) but I can say the results are looking really good so far! If you’re interested, the Philips device I’m using is not only super easy to use, quick and painless! It’s pretty revolutionary!

Yoga with Adrienne– I don’t know if this counts as something from last year, but we gotta take the wins where we can get them! And one thing that has just been more and more vital to me this year is yoga. While there are a lot of online yoga classes and apps to try, the one I consistently come back to is Yoga with Adrienne, because she just has the loveliest, most encouraging, fun personality. I can’t recommend her channel enough if you’re already into yoga, do a little bit of it, or just want somewhere to start! 

Merphy Napier– I have no idea if I’ve mentioned Merphy Napier before, though I certainly should have! She’s my favourite booktuber (and youtuber overall). Her content has been consistently awesome all year long! (Love this video in particular cos it shows you how creative her lists are and gives you a good idea of her taste at the same time)

Foil Arms and Hog– I actually discovered this last year… but who cares? This comedy channel consistently gets me chuckling. They’ve a huge back catalogue to get through- which I’ve made a reasonable attempt at 😉 Plus, even in the pandemic, they’ve been putting out sketches weekly!

Holderness Family– finally something *great* that I found in 2020! Thanks to By Hook or Book, I discovered their spoofy songs (a lot of them on Covid). And my favourite of the bunch is easily they’re hilarious takes on Hallmark Christmas movies!!

And finally… THE PLAGUE!!

With his best bud Tiptoe the Rat… Yeahhh I was scraping the bottom of the barrel for faves in 2020, but to be fair, I was really delighted that my friend sent me this (rather cute version of the) Bubonic Plague (also known as Hugo the Bubo 😉 ).

Annnnd that’s all I have for now! (because most of my faves this year consist of *books*!) What have you enjoyed this year? Let me know in the comments!

Bookish (and some non bookish) Resolutions for 2020

Happy New Year! And welcome to the new decade!

fireworks new

Doesn’t 2020 sound like the year sci fi from the fifties is set? Shouldn’t we all be flying round on hoverboards by now?! Ah #goals. Sadly, I am not a scientist in any way, so all I’ve got are some resolutions about books and the like 😉 A lot of them may be quite similar to the last few years, but I find putting them up here helps keep me motivated. Still, there’s also a few new ones thrown into the mix, to keep things interesting. Let’s get into it:

2020 resolutions


number 1

Read more non fic!

I’m just gonna recycle my goal of reading 10 new non fic books (though by rights I should probably up this number, after managing 15 last year, but I want to be a bit more realistic about it) Hopefully this year I’ll actually get to Wild Swans!

number 2

Read more challenging books!

Again, I’m using the same rule of trying to tick 10 more books off my challenging reading list. And since I didn’t quite make it last year, seems like it’ll be a challenge (and maybe this’ll be the year I finally read Jung, dammit!)

number 3

Read more poetry!

Okay, this is also the same as last year, however, I’m gonna clarify that I’m including epic poems as well as poetry collections.

number 4

Read more plays!

This one comes courtesy of not knowing what my mum is talking about half the time 😉 I don’t really enjoy reading plays as much as watching them, but needs must (plus my mum has a stonkingly big collection I should really take advantage of 😉)

number 5

Do some rereading!

Self-explanatory really. And I’m keeping to my 5 rereads number as well. Here’s just some of the books I fancy rereading:

Non Bookish

number 6

Do more art!

orangutan artist0003

I’m taking this out my mid year’s resolutions- but this time I want to actually keep track of it- no idea how I’ll measure this though…

number 7


Do more yoga! Likewise, this was in my mid year’s resolutions- yet I actually want to get through those three yoga challenges! Wish me luck! (I’m gonna need it 😉)

number 8

Start a new writing project!

monkey typewriter

I’m deliberately keeping this a little vague, cos I’m not really sure what I want to achieve in my writing this year. I’d very much like to plan a new project… but I honestly don’t know if this’ll be doable. Plus, I’m halfway through a different project at the moment (so logically speaking my goal should be to finish that- I just feel pretty confident of doing that early in the year without making that a resolution). Soooo I guess I want this resolution to be a kind of place holder for *some kind of writing goal*

number 9

Sort through box of stuff

So, when I moved, my sister found a whole pile of stuff at the last minute that I’d not seen in half a decade… (*sarcastic yay*) which means I gotta sort through it… (*sarcastic yay*)

And that’s about it for now! I also have a bunch of (admittedly not so exciting) personal goals this year… and so I had to really resist the urge to add a bunch more. For now, I think this is a realistic number… hopefully!

What do you think of my resolutions this year? Do you have any resolutions you plan not to do? Let me know in the comments!