3000 followers? Reverse Q&A!

So a couple of days ago I hit 3000 followers and I’m still in a state of shock to be honest. It still amazes me that anyone reads my blog at all! Massive thank you and much love to you all!


I wanted to do a fun little post in celebration and since I’d like this to be more about *you* than me- which is why I’m doing a reverse Q&A. I’ve devised some really important questions as well 😉 Starting with:

  1. What’s your favourite kind of cheese?
  2. Are you more of a DNFer or a power-through-to-the-end kind of reader?
  3. If you were the world’s worst superhero, what would your superpower be?
  4. Who is your biggest bookish hero?
  5. What movie mashup would you most like to see?
  6. What’s the best thing about summer?
  7. What would your perfect summer day be like?
  8. And finally, don’t think, tell me the first summery book that pops into your mind!

Let me know your answers in the comments!