Hi all! So sorry I’ve been absent lately- as I mentioned in a post last week, I’m semi-but-not-properly doing Nanowrimo and *surprise surprise* it’s eating up most of my spare time.

But today I simply had to take a break from the madness to thank each and every one of you for helping me reach 800 FOLLOWERS!!! You have no idea how excited that makes me!!

Now if you’re been around a while you may have noticed I like to do little celebratory posts whenever I hit these milestones- but unfortunately with all the aforementioned madness, my brain’s been a little fried- so the things I came up with were somewhat questionable….

For instance- I thought I might try sticking blurbs through google translate and have you guess what they were- it didn’t exactly go well- see what you make of this gibberish:

What is the best Dickens humility and orphans trainee drink a dirty job, but do not dare to dream of being good. One day, he found himself in mysterious circumstances, and “We have high hopes.”

Then I thought of playing “Change a letter, ruin a book”– here are some of the ones I came up with:

Juden the Obscure

Court of Thorns and Noses

Gong Girl

99 Ways

City of Rashes

And my personal favourite… Fisty Falls

BUT in the end I just settled for saying:

thank you!!.png

Although you are most welcome to come up with your own book titles in the comments! (It’s not like there’s anything else going on in the world tonight…)