900 Followers… And Reverse Q&A!

So two awesome things happened this weekend:

  1. I found the snow button on WordPress
  2. I hit 900 followers!!!

900 followers.png

I know- I can’t believe it either!!! Thank you so so much to every single one of you guys- old and new- I love you all and am supremely grateful!!!

Now since I talk enough about myself on here- I thought I’d do something a little different and have a reverse Q&A… It’s pretty much what it says on the tin- aka I will be asking you the questions…



Without further ado- here are all the wonderful, weird and wacky questions I want *you* to answer:

  1. What are you most excited for right now?
  2. Waffles or donuts?
  3. If I was to say “home” what’s the first book that comes to mind?
  4. What type of undead creature would you be and why? (aka vampire/ghost/whight/phantom/reincarnated squirrel…)
  5. What famous person would you most like to play poker with? Would you win?
  6. What is/would be the best version of monopoly?
  7. What’s your favourite thing about winter?

Let me know in the comments- or in your own post if you like!