The Amsterdam Book Tag

So you know how I said I was taking a quick trip… well I went to Amsterdam! Yeah I know- I can’t believe it either- but here is *proof*:


Also- I had no idea that the Miniaturist was based on a real dollhouse!?! Look at this:


(Not sure this makes me feel better about the book to be honest- if I’d known what a magnificent miniature it was based on I might have actually ended up being more critical of the book! I’m a tricky customer that way!)

Anyhoo- enough of the preamble- this tag is pretty much perfect for this occasion, so thank you so much to Michelle@ Book Adventures for tagging me!

Why Do We Have So Many Cheese Stores In One Street – A Cheesy Read.

There is a lot of cheese in Amsterdam- and it’s not just confined to one street! This is what I felt:


Anyway, as you can probably tell I’m a HUGE fan of cheese- so what could be better than a cheesy book?! Here’s one that definitely made me smile:

Isla and the Happily Ever After

isla and the happily ever after

(I was tempted to go with Say Cheese and Die, but I wouldn’t say that book is cheesy per se)

Canal Parade – A Book that Celebrates The LGBT-Community.

Is it cheating to say Carry On? I mean, it’s not the kind of book that’s designed to celebrate LGBT- but c’mon it’s got Simon and Baz!!

carry on

Anne Frank House – A Book That Made you Cry.

Okay, it’s pretty easy to make me cry, but given the subject matter I want to recommend a book that will provoke a more of a gut-wrenching, tear at your soul kind of cry:

book thief

Museum Square – An Artsy Book.

Okay- another side note but the MUSEUMS IN AMSTERDAM ARE AMAZING!!! I make no secret of the fact that I went to Amsterdam primarily to say hello to these fellas:


And they made the trip so worth it!

Oh and I have a book about Van Gogh somewhere- that counts right?

Pigeons, Pigeons Everywhere – An Annoying Character.

My brain is going *don’t say America from the Selection series again, don’t say America from the Selection series again…* so I guess I have to say America from the Selection series!


Red White Blue – Recreate The Dutch Flag Using Books.


(Oh what an excellent picture I hastily took 😉 )

That was great! Hope you enjoyed!

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And for everyone else- have you been to Amsterdam? Would you like to go?