Atmospheric Wintry Reads!

Ahh time to get cosy with a hot chocolate- because I’m about to spill the tea on the best wintry reads 😉

Winter Rose– with its enchanting forest setting, I was swept up by the magic of McKillip’s writing and taken in by her stunning retelling.

Echo North– reading this reimagining of East of the Sun West of the Moon felt like stepping into a fairy tale.

Bear and the Nightingale– because nothing is more atmospheric AND wintry than this Russian folklore retelling!

Snow Child– and if you can’t get enough of Russian folklore, then why not try this exquisite tale that transports traditional stories to remote Alaska?

Wolf in the Whale– of course, the setting of Alaska is so cool that I had to include this unusual historical fantasy that imagines what happened when the Vikings crossed paths with the Inuit people.

Between Shades of Grey– a chilling story of Soviet cruelty, Sepetys is guaranteed to carry you away with her wondrous way with words.

Ice Twins– for a complete change of pace, this remote thriller brought up a gothic sense of Scotland and I was here for it!

And that’s all for now! What are some of your favourite atmospheric winter reads? And did you enjoy any of these? Let me know in the comments!

Moody Books!

Because I’m in a bit of a mood… for some spook season books! 😉

Gallant– this was my latest moody read and it was just perfect for those Halloween vibes! Scwhab brilliantly executed this dark family drama with its edgy fairy tale feel.

Our Crooked Hearts– possibly the moodiest book I’ve read this year, Our Crooked Hearts is an angsty coming of age story full of witches and dark deeds that will haunt you for years to come.

House of Hollow– on that note, here’s another edgy book for those looking for a strong dose of YA horror! 

Winterwood– of course, if you’re looking for something a little more witchy, you absolutely will not go wrong with Shea Ernshaw’s stunningly atmospheric story!

Wuthering Heights– delving more into realistic books (but still with an edge of the ethereal) Wuthering Heights is an excellent classic for those seeking something a little gloomy for those autumnal nights. 

Book of Hidden Things– but if you need something a little weirder and totally different, then perhaps pick up this odd little book set in Southern Italy. If you want something that will take you far away from the everyday and will leave you with an unsettling feeling of unknowing- look no further!

Darkest Part of the Forest– one of the more unusual fairy tale style stories I’ve read, this will take you from the everyday into, well, the darkest part of the forest where you’ll discover the Fae aren’t quite so lovely as they’re often portrayed. 

The Diviners– sticking with YA, I thoroughly enjoyed this supernatural series, with its murder mysteries and end-of-the-world-is-nigh plots! Such an inventive quartet that’s absolutely worth picking up (particularly in audiobook form thanks to the wonderful January LaVoy)

Raven Boys– you really can’t beat this series for atmosphere and pretty prose! With its premise of the heroine’s first love being doomed to die, this definitely has its moody moments (in amongst all the adventure and excitement). 

Darker Shade of Magic– seems like a good idea to begin and end a post like this with a Schwab book, since no one does moody quite like her 😉 and I really do love this fantasy series for its melancholic tone and sombre storylines. 

And that’s all for now! Have you read any of these? And do you have any other moody suggestions? Let me know in the comments!