My Top Ten Books 2017

my top ten books of 2017

It’s finally here! One of my favourite posts to do every year! My Top Ten list! Wahey!! And after a lot of deliberation, I’m finally ready to share! Obviously, these are the best books I read in 2017, so not all of them were published this year. Also I don’t include rereads on these lists, because I clearly already love it if I’m rereading it. All reviews will be linked to with the picture of the book. Anyhoo onto the list! Here’s my top ten books of 2017 in ascending order:

number 10

red sister

Red Sister– when I think of books that really WOWED me this year, this jumps right into my mind. The world building was divine, the characters were kickass and this reminded me why I fell in love with the genre in the first place- you can’t ask for more than that!

number 9

Sisterhood everlasting

Sisterhood Everlasting– *avert your eyes if you don’t want to be vaguely spoiled* oh my goodness I don’t think any book has destroyed me as completely as this one did. Because I was A MESS before/during/after reading this- but in a oh-this-cathartic-kick-is-just-what-I-needed kind of way. An amazing end to a wonderful series. And on a completely different note…

number 8


Blackwing– !!!! – that’s right- we’re barely into this list and I’m already at a loss for words. But I can’t help it- cos this book was crazy mind-blowing!! Beautiful, atmospheric, creepy, unique, gripping- this book had everything you could possibly want in a fantasy!

number 7

going postal

Going Postal– there is tight competition right now for my favourite Pratchett, but if ever there’s a gun to my head and someone tries to make choose one, this will be one of the books I’ll be frantically debating over (hopefully this horrible mental metaphor won’t end in my head being blown off). Pratchett at his best, this satire really got to the heart of what is most important to us Brits: the Post Office and so obviously that’s why I love it 😉

number 6

six of crows duology.png

Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom– yes, I’m cheating to put them both on here under one heading, but c’mon, I cheat every year, at some point… Anyway, frankly, they both deserve to be on here because I LOVED THEM BOTH. Choosing between them would be like choosing between MY CHILDREN (or perhaps something a bit less dramatic). Whatever, this duology was just that good.

number 5

wizard heir

Wizard Heir– okay I have to pat myself on the back for not just putting the whole darn series on here- though I realise that might have been a bit cheeky, even for me. That’s why I’m going with the one that made me fall in love with Chima’s urban fantasy- and nothing else- final answer… sort of (just read the whole series will you?)

number 4

maus complete

Maus- gosh this is one of the most memorable reads of the year. I think the imagery will be seared into my brain forever. What’s even more amazing is that I had never read a graphic novel before this year, yet thanks to books like this, I know that I’ve now got some serious catching up to do when it comes to the genre. Because this was magnificent and showed how moving art infused with literature can be.

number 3

fahrenheit 451.jpg

Fahrenheit 451– another book that is burned into my mind for all eternity is Fahrenheit 451. Chilling and profound, this book brought me to my knees. Still, for all its darkness, it also carries a hopeful message and passes the beacon of freedom onto the reader. Truly a masterpiece.

number 2

all that still matters at all

All That Still Matters At All– again, I cannot truly articulate what this book means to me. A seriously underrated Hungarian poetry collection, this was deep, striking, beautiful, complex and heart breaking. Worth reading for poetry fans and layman alike.

number 1

bear and the nightingale

Bear and the Nightingale– I reckon regular readers of this blog were probably getting suspicious as this list went on with no sign of this book… but of course that’s because it had to be here on the list. The heart knows no reason and this book spoke to me on the most primal level. In case you didn’t already know, I’m a little (A LOT) in love with it.

So have you read any of these books? What did you think of them? And what was your favourite book(s) of 2017? Let me know in the comments!