God Tier Tropes #2 Aka MORE Books With Tropes I Love

Hello all! A while back, I shared some of the best books with tropes I love and today I thought I’d do a round 2 with EVEN MORE tropes I like!

Story Within a Story– you all know I’m a sucker for this one.

Second Chance Romance– there’s something really cute about getting a do-over and fixing past mistakes.

Stuck Together- not to be confused with the isolation trope, which I also love 😉 I just adore when characters are forced together find themselves stuck working/hanging out/locked in with someone they don’t expect and then gradually fall in love… especially if they don’t like that person to begin with!

Found Family- this one makes me melt inside! It’s so much fun when characters find each other by chance or by adventure and become a little family!

Heists– this is a newer one for me, but it’ll never get old, cos it’s so entertaining. And yes, I know I have so many more to read (*cough* lies of locke lamora *cough cough*)

Portal Worlds- this has been one of my favourites FOREVER! Portal fantasy is one of my absolute favourite settings. I like the idea of stepping into another world and leaving this one behind- kinda like reading 😉

Old-school Witches– okay, I’ll admit, any witch will do! But still, there’s something endlessly charming about the old-school, dark and twisted witches, who play with pentagrams and dodgy spells that could go very, very wrong…

The Mentor– because I nearly always end up loving them more than the main character!

That’s all for now! What do you think of these tropes? Do you like these books? And do you have any you’d recommend in these categories? Let me know in the comments!