LET’S ALL GO BANANAS- I made it to my one year Bloggiversary! Blogger Recognition Award #2

So this is my second time doing a Blogger Recognition Award, but I thought it was an appropriate time to do another one because I MADE IT TO MY ONE YEAR BLOGGIVERSARY!! Happy Bloggiversary to ME! GO BANANAS!!


I was tagged by four wonderful bloggers:

The spectacular Cinderzena (how cool is that name!?!), the wonderful Bookish Underdog (because who doesn’t root for the underdog?), the marvellous Keira @ Signing On (because simplicity is key!) and the fabulous It’s Good To Be Crazy Sometimes (which is a sentiment I naturally agree with)


  1. Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to. Do some digging if you must! Find those blogs. You cannot nominate yourself or the person who has nominated you.
  2. Write a post to show off your award! Give a brief story of how your blog got started, and give a piece or two of advice to new bloggers. Thank whoever nominated you, and provide a link to their blog. List who you’ve nominated in the post.
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I’ve already said part of the story about how this blog came into being the last time I did this post- which you can read all about here– but the story didn’t end there. So I thought now was the perfect time to tell you a little more about the humble beginnings of this blog.

In all honesty, this date completely crept up on me because even though I had the vaguest notion that I chose this domain name around May last year, I didn’t actually start posting then. I barely posted for the first five months (literally once or twice a month for most of that time). But then something magical happened…. I fell in love with it! I fell in love with the people, the reviewing, and making all kinds of content for you guys! I don’t know what point it was when it all just spiralled, but once I caught the bug there was no going back. What started out as a random hobby became a compulsion.

So the moral of the story is…

Keep at it! Do it at your own pace and for the love of it! That is my advice to new bloggers and old hats alike!

Hope you liked that- I tag:

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Liebster Award Bumper Post!

Hi all! Gosh it’s been a looonnng week- and that’s unfortunately kept me away from WordPress- did you miss me? :p I have had the absolute honour of being nominated for *4* Liebster Awards, so I’m going to make up for my absence by making a bumper post with them all! Watch out- cos this is gonna be a big one!


Thank you so much to Nut Free Nerd, Amidst the Pages, My Books Opinion Site, bookbubblebee.

Now let’s get to it! Here are the rules:

  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you
  • Nominate 11 bloggers that you think are deserving of the award
  • Let the bloggers know you nominated them
  • Give them 11 questions of your own

Nut Free Nerd’s Questions:

  1. Put your music on shuffle. What are the first five songs that come up?

This could really backfire, cos I have some really weird stuff on my Itunes. Ok, let’s do this… Ooh I’m actually pleased to share this:

  1. What’s the last thing that made you laugh really hard?

Curb Your Enthusiasm! Cos it’s pretty, pretty, pretty good:

  1. What’s something you did in 2015 that you’re proud of?

Finished my degree

  1. What’s one thing you hope to accomplish in 2016?

Lots of things- not sure yet what I’ll consider an accomplishment till the year is out…

  1. Do you enjoy going to concerts? If so, what was the last one you went to?

Love them! I went to this Nina Nesbitt concert recently (actually she wasn’t the headliner- but I wasn’t really interested in the main person)

  1. What is one of your favourite quotes?

Might have used this one before, but how’s this one:


  1. What is the weirdest food you like?

Erm is any food weird? I don’t know, if I like it, I don’t really think of it as weird. How about chopped liver (pate)- I love that stuff- is that sufficiently weird?

  1. What book has made you cry the hardest?

I sobbed my eyes out the whole way through Heir of Fire- cos even when good things were happening, it was like going through an emotional blenderHeir-of-Fire-UK

  1. What was the best day of your life?

Ho ho- I don’t know if I can answer that!

  1. What fictional world would you love to live in (or at least spend some time in)?

Middle Earth!

middle earth map.jpg

  1. If you could meet any author (living or dead), who would it be?

Oscar Wilde- he would be such fun!


Amidst the Pages’ Questions:

  1. What is your favourite book? Why? (Only one)

Only one??? Well I guess, my favourite story from childhood, and consequently the book that means the most to me, is Peter Pan.

peter pan and wendy

  1. How long does it take you to read a 400-page book?

Depends on the book!

  1. Have you ever tried writing a story? If yes, title?

Yup- I’ve written loads of short stories and 4 books. Titles are not my forte, but since you’re asking, my first novel is called Enchantress (I know- super original, but I swear when I wrote it, there were no other books with that name!)

  1. Have you ever tried giving a book one star or none at all and reviewing it? What did you feel?

Oh I do that all the time when I hate books. I’d actually prefer not to- cos I’d actually prefer to only read awesome books

  1. How important is the cover of the book?

Not that important- though I can definitely appreciate a pretty cover when I see it. Case and point:

thousand pieces of you

  1. You read based on what?

Based on the fact I love it!

  1. Can you listen to music while reading? If your answer is yes, or no, why?

I do that all the time, cos I read on my way to work and I need to listen to something to block out the noise of the tube (aka the London Underground for everyone outside the UK).

  1. What book genre do you enjoy or reading most?

Pff depends on my mood. Sorry that’s no answer at all.

  1. First person’s POV, or third person’s POV? Why?

Either- sorry again, that’s not really an answer either.

  1. Have you ever lent someone your book? Did you set rules?

Yup- when you’re finished- give it back!

  1. How do you obtain your ebooks?


My Book’s Opinions Sites’ Questions:

  1. How many books do you read per week and what is your goal for this year?

One or two- and I don’t have a goal. I felt like that would’ve been too much pressure cos I did remarkably well last year and I don’t think I’ll have the chance to read as many- but at the same time I don’t want to set a goal that’s lower than the number I read this year!

  1. How many book boyfriends do you have?

Too many to count!

  1. What are the books that you are ashamed that you didn’t read?

Ermm I guess I would like to read War and Peace one day and am ashamed that I’ve ruled it out for the foreseeable future.

  1. What would you do if your friend lost a book that you lent to her/him?

Cry… Just kidding! I dunno, ask for another copy or just let it go. If it meant that much to me, I probably wouldn’t have lent it. So yeah, most likely I would…

let it go

  1. What is a book that you loved but hated the movie adaptation?

So many! Probably the biggest disappointment I’ve ever had with any movie is the Hobbit trilogy- which I did a whole rant about here.

hobbit movie

  1. What book describes you the most? Why?

I really don’t know… Peter Pan maybe?

  1. What books made you stay up all night to finish it?

Haha most books that are 3* and up can get me reading them through the night!

  1. If you had to choose between walking and reading, what would you choose?

I would do both simultaneously. In fact I have done both simultaneously- many times- on main roads. What? I’m not saying it’s smart- but it just… happens. Especially when you’ve just got a great book out the library and are walking home… It’s kind of an occupational hazard of being a reader…

  1. What character would you want to be?

Myself 😉 Or Smaug- just look at that face…


  1. Did you ever cry in public while reading a book?

Yup- I’d say not a full on sob- but I just remembered that I was out in public when I read the finale to the His Dark Materials trilogy- and who can resist sobbing over that book?

amber spyglass

  1. A character that you want to punch in the face?

Oh so many! How about Jacinda from Firelight- cos I don’t think I’ve mentioned my hatred for that book before. Grrr now I think about it, I want to punch all the characters in that book- does it count if I want to punch the author? Just kidding! (sort of)


Bookbubblebee’s questions:

  1. What is your favourite type of junk food?

You mean apart from chocolate? Chocolate, obviously :p

  1. What inspired you to start a blog?

Well I’ve given a full synopsis of it before, but reading to sum up reading Captain Corelli’s Mandolin- because I hated it and needed to vent about it afterwards. You can read my (very ranty) review here.

  1. Dog or cat person?

Depends on my mood- at the moment I’m more of a dog person- I mean just look at this face:


  1. Would you consider yourself a passionate or passive reader?


  1. Are you the type to keep your resolutions or break them?

I keep them- but I don’t tend to do them at New Years’

My Questions:

  1. I’m stealing Nut Free Nerd’s Question- put your music on shuffle- what comes up?
  2. What’s your favourite Disney song?
  3. Who’s your favourite Disney villain?
  4. What’s the weirdest book you’ve ever read?
  5. Who’s your oddest book crush?
  6. What’s the best excuse you’ve ever given?
  7. What’s the worst job interview question you’ve ever had? If you’ve never had a job interview- what’s the most random question you’ve ever been asked? (not including this one)
  8. What is your favourite sport? (either to watch or play)
  9. What’s the best bad thing you’ve ever eaten? (aka a desert that was so disgustingly bad that you felt guilty but delighted about having eaten it)
  10. Write a poem detailing your love for your favourite food.
  11. Okay, at the risk of making this all about food, would you rather only ever be able to eat your favourite food for the rest of your life or eat whatever you want *except* your favourite food?

Okay, in case it isn’t really obvious, I’m really hungry… so I’m gonna go get myself something to eat!

Phew- that was a long one! If you stuck around for this whole post then ta very much!

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Siblinghood (Sisterhood) of the World Blog Award!

Yay another tag time! (Yes, I know, it’s always tag in an impromptu tag week) Thanks to A FrolicThrough Fiction, Book Adventures and most recently Quirky Book Nerd for this one! This is gonna be a pretty long post- so I better get on with it pronto!

sisterhood of the world award


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their blog
  • Put the award logo on your blog
  • Answer the 10 questions sent to you
  • Make up 10 new questions for your nominees to answer
  • Nominate 10 blogs


Frolic Through Fictions’ Questions…

  1. Is there a fictional character you wouldn’t want to meet? Who?

bellatrix-lestrange-4Quite a few- I don’t reckon I’d enjoy meeting Voldemort for one thing. But, sticking with the Harry Potter theme, I think I’d like to meet Bellatrix Lestrange even less! (I’d actually like to meet Doloros Umbridge, if only to punch her)

  1. Do you own any bookish merchandise? (Badges, jewelry, posters etc)

game of thrones posterSort of- I have a collection of bookish/fairytale jewellery- but none of it is what you’d call “official” merchandise. Oh and I have a Game of Thrones poster that I don’t use. Does that count?



  1. Is there a book/ series you think is overrated?

Atonement_(novel)Loads! I have a whole post about it. I’m gonna say something that’s not on the list (to make it interesting). How about Atonement by Ian McEwan- I enjoyed the film, but hated the book. This is gonna be an unpopular opinion, but I think McEwan is overrated in general. I think he’s very accomplished at structuring books, but his characters always leave a lot to be desired.


  1. If you could travel back in time to any time period, which would you go to?

gatsbyWithout a shadow of a doubt, I’d head to the 1920s to meet Fitzgerald and go to a Gatsby-style party.

  1. Are there any fictional character names you really love?

Loads- I could have chosen so many for this, but I think some of the best names in literature are probably in Dickens. I mean, he has characters like Mr Bumble, Gradgrind and Tulkinghorn, to name a few!

  1. Are you setting yourself a Goodreads reading challenge for next year? If so, how many books do you hope to read?

Well- it’s already the next year and I haven’t done that- so I guess not.

  1. Favourite bookshop?

Any! I love Waterstones, but I also like more random ones you just stumble across.

  1. If you could have any character’s clothing style, which character would you choose?throneofglass series

Ermm I don’t know- Celaena Sardothien I guess, because she has her assassin outfits, but she also knows how to dress up- which I love.

  1. When you review books, do you write notes while you read it or just think back when writing the review?

I usually jot down a few notes. But not always.

  1. How did you get into reading?

Harry_Potter_and_the_Philosopher's_Stone_Book_CoverWell, I can always remember reading, but like so many people I started really reading when my friend recommended Harry Potter to me way back when I was 7. I started reading the first three in quick succession- I was hooked from then on!



Book Adventures’ Questions…

  1. Favourite book of 2015?

There are so many- it’s so hard to choose! I hardly managed to narrow it down to 10 in my Top 10 of 2015, how can I manage to narrow it down to just one? It’s between Memoirs of a Geisha, Man’s Search For Meaning and Carry On- three very different, but very brilliant books.

  1. Best movie you’ve seen in 2015?

I really don’t know- I’ve not seen that many new movies in 2015 and can’t think of anything- which is a shame, cos I love movies :/v

  1. Are you going to participate in any reading challenges in 2016?

I really don’t know- gosh these questions are going well- aren’t they!Invisible

  1. How many books are currently on your TBR?

I’m just gonna use Goodreads for this- cos if I combine it with my amazon one, it’ll just be embarassing. Let me just look… 184…. Yeah, that’s still embarrassing.

  1. How many books do you want to read next year?

Well, I’ve not set myself any goals, but as I said in my Bookish Resolutions post, I’d rather read fewer books this year than last year, but read more good quality books. I think I’d be happy with a modest 60- but don’t quote me on that!

  1. If you could have one fictional animal as your pet, what would it be?

Dragon. I don’t care if it’s practical- I just love dragons (and I’m thinking more mother of dragons, than Hagrid getting his beard singed)

mother of dragons

  1. What was the last book you read? Would you recommend it? Why, why not?

the martianAt the time of writing this, it’s The Martian. I would definitely recommend it! I’m gonna do a review for this shortly, but to summarise, because it’s awesome!



  1. If you could date a fictional character, who would you date and why?

Poison-Study-new-UKI’m gonna go with Valek from Poison Study




  1. If you could pick any three books to have right now, what would they be?

I’m assuming this isn’t books I don’t already have. And they would be these ones, because I’ve been meaning to get them forever, but they’re harder to get hold of for some reason

  1. What bookish gift would you like to receive this Christmas? (that’s not a book)

Boy did I miss the boat with this one… I don’t actually do Christmas, but the bookish gifts I like that are non-books are necklaces from Etsy.

Quirky Book Nerds’ Questions…

  1. What are some new releases you are most looking forward to in 2016?

heartlessThere are quite a few- I’m gonna go with Heartless cos I’ve already mentioned others enough times- plus the cover was recently released- isn’t it pretty?



  1. What is your favourite under-hyped book?

hitler's canariesI did a whole post about this, so it’s really hard to pick just one. I’m gonna go with Hitler’s Canaries because it’s an absolutely incredible book about hope in WW2- and somehow it’s only got 692 ratings on goodreads.



  1. What is one thing (activity, song, movie, etc…) that always makes you happy no matter what?

Well there are quite a few answers to this- I’m gonna go with dancing (not in a coordinated fashion of course), LOTR always makes me happy and I’m gonna choose


  1. Do you prefer series or standalone novels?

Ahh impossible question- I’m gonna go with standalones just cos I don’t have to wait between books for a resolution

  1. Do you play video games? If so, what are your favorite games to play?

Nope- I think the most I’ve ever done is play Sims or Rollercoaster Tycoon. Oh and this indie one called Kudos. But all that was years ago

  1. What is your favourite song of all time?

What an impossible question! I don’t have an answer- this has been in my head since last week though:

  1. If you could have any fictional animal as a pet, what would you choose?

I’ve said dragon before to this- but it’s still a dragon. They’re my favourite mythical creature and that’s never gonna change.

  1. What 2016 movies are you most looking forward to seeing?


  1. What book or series would you recommend to someone who says they don’t like to read, and why would you choose that book or series?

I don’t know what I’d recommend to someone that didn’t like to read. Maybe something like Picture of Dorian Gray cos it’s short *and* brilliant.

  1. What is your absolute favourite quote?

I’m not much for quotes, but I like this one:

“’Beauty is truth, truth beauty,’ – that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”

My Nominations:





pickle books

dreamy addictions

books and bakes

art and soul


bitches with books

My Questions:

  1. Jump around like a jackrabbit cos I just nominated you- how does that feel? Was anyone watching?
  2. School, uni or work?
  3. What’s your favourite TV show at the moment?
  4. Do you like to travel? If so, what’s your favourite place you’ve been to?
  5. What book reminds you most of sisterhood?
  6. Share a blogger (who you’re not nominating) but want to give a shout out to!
  7. What’s your favourite post you’ve ever written- share the link if you can!
  8. Did you have a favourite toy growing up? What was it called?
  9. What villain (from any book, movie or show) would you actually quite like to hang out with?
  10. What’s your favourite fairytale?

Okay, that’s it for now, see you tomorrow!