Should I unhaul these books?

Hello all! How’s October treating you so far? Getting in the Halloween spirit yet? Well, I have just the ticket! After all my talk of book-buying lately, I thought it would be good to talk about something that spooks all us bookaholics- and that is the horror of giving books away!

I know, I know- *shudders* all around. This is no easy thing to talk about. But it being the month of scary things, I thought it would be a good time to confront the fear and face this head on!

So recently I was reunited with some of my most beloved books. (But don’t worry I have no intention of unhauling these!!) While I was going through this box of books from teenagehood, I found a few scarily bad books… my copies of the Twilight saga. I was then confronted with a terrifying question I couldn’t immediately answer: should I unhaul them?



Now I know what many of you are thinking: “Of course!! Don’t you hate Twilight?!?”

Yup- totally true. (I mean it’s got sparkly vampires and werewolves imprinting on infants- need I say more?)

“Alright,” you say, “would you want to read them again- is that what this is?”

Nope- I’m never reading them again! If I wanted to be bored for a couple of hours, I’d just stare at paint dry (or Kirsten Stewart’s face)

“So,” I hear you ask, “why would you even consider keeping them???”

Well- that’s not the easiest thing to answer. Because while the rational part of my brain instantly went “unhaul!!” the less rational part started feeling super nostalgic. Nostalgic that I had these books for such a long time, nostalgic about sharing these godawful books with equally boy-starved friends (I went to all girl schools) and even nostalgic about waiting for the last one to come out (even though that one inevitably made me throw up in my own mouth a little). Something about them reminded me of my younger self. For a moment I felt like memories, even of bad books, should be cherished.

But maybe that was just cos they were nestled in besides my copy of Noughts and Crosses and Harry Potter. (Yup I might just be confusing this with my nostalgia in general and my usual indecision about giving away books!)

So- what’s the verdict? To unhaul or not to unhaul- that is the question… And who else has trouble unhauling unloved books? Help me out here!

Ode to Used Books


O slightly ruffled books, how I love thee!

Though your creases and stains are plain to see,

And, let’s be honest, you do kind of smell,

The words inside you read just as well-

So three cheers for old books cos let’s be fair

I can’t get a better deal anywhere!

Ok- that’s enough of that- you get the idea! (I suck at poetry!) Point is- I love used books! Sure they may be in bad nick, but it’s the words that count!

PS in case it wasn’t obvious I bought more books! (Ah well they were only £12 and two of them are three books in one- what a bargain!)

Who else feels this way about second hand books? Let me know if you share this love in the comments!

Not Your Average Book Haul Post

As I said a couple of posts ago, *I have no impulse control*. So even though I’m on a book buying ban, this happened…


Yeah- I bought a ton of books. Now, while I could turn this into a book haul post, I actually like I’m having a bit of a crisis of conscience for buying so many books just now when I have enough to be getting on with already. So instead, I want to discuss what it is about book bloggers and vloggers that makes us buy so many books. I short, why do we do it?!?

Honestly, I’m beginning to think there is something wrong with the way I buy books so often and how I justify it. Obviously there are the semi sensible reasons to buy books- like worrying I might not have the *right* book to read at the right time- I want to have as many options to hand as is humanly possible. Or even because they’re just *so pretty* (I mean just look at that beautiful pile of books! Even the used ones!). But too often, I’m too lazy for even that level of justification.

Most of the time, I just think to myself: “but they’re books- what could be wrong with buying a few books?” Even though I may have made a decision to stop buying books, because clearly I already have enough to read, I somehow still see it okay to buy more, because it’s books (seriously- that’s practically the extent of it). In fairness, a part of it is because I want to support the book industry- therefore I see it as almost a “noble cause” to buy books. But the other side to it is that it’s just ingrained in me that books = good so buying books = good. It really is as simple as that.

All (mostly) valid reasons- but I’m not really convinced that it fully explains or excuses why I have a habit of breaking book buying bans, flouting rules I have about reading my own books and generally never being satisfied with the number of books I physically have to read.

So I want to know what *you* think. Do you think those are good reasons to splurge on books? And are you like me? Do you also have a book buying problem? If you do, why do you think you do it? Wanna help me out???