Bookshelf Tour!

Hello all! As you may know, I recently moved and that meant (among other things) rearranging my bookshelves. And, as the marvellous fellow blogger Michael wisely told me, nothing makes you feel at home quicker than filling up new shelves… so of course that’s what I did first 😉

Now, this may be a bit familiar, since I’ve taken shelfies before, and most of these are favourites from my 33 books I’ll take to the grave post. That said, I rearranged the order into something that resembles the logic of my mind- aka it’s not logical at all, but it makes sense to me 😉 Plus, I know we all not-so-secretly love casual book porn 😉

(sorry the quality of photos aren’t great- I need a better camera/to learn to take better photos 😉)



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe first shelf is pretty straightforward- I started with fairy tale collections and then moved into retellings (including the McKillip, which I still haven’t read). Oh, and there’s some gothic in the middle, cos to my mind that’s a neat segue, which makes sense if you take into consideration that Hazel Wood counts as both… but not all that much sense 😉

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASecond shelf is all about English classics… well, until I went on a fantasy bend. Basically I thought His Dark Materials fits with the theme because it’s a twist on  Paradise Lost… but there’s no reason for Six of Crows being there… (maybe cos they’re both dark fantasy… who knows!)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMoving swiftly on, I finished off with my classics collection (yes, Circe  is sandwiched in next to the Iliad, cos it is just that good!) Then I had a bit of poetry, followed by my  Harry Potters and some more fantasy. Again, I can’t really see the logic either- so if you want to make something up in the comments, go right ahead 😉 (I guess Rowling is a classicist, so she did draw on mythology… but I’m really reaching here).

shelf 4

Annnd lastly, I had another random shelf of classics- these are the ones that don’t fit (both literally and figuratively) because who knows where to put Kafka?! 😉

Hope you enjoyed that odd little romp through my bookshelves! And if any of you have any better reasoning/can explain the inner working of my brain to me, let me know in the comments! 

I have bookshelves! Woohoo! Time for some shelfies!

Hello all! Today’s a very chill post, cos I’m feeling in a chill mood, hope you’re all having a chill Sunday 😉

ice ice baby.gif

As I’ve mentioned before, most of my books are in boxes/storage. Recently though I’ve had to rearrange some things and I’ve managed to commandeer two and a half shelves for my lovely books! Anyway, people love ogling books and bookshelf tours are all the rage, so I thought I’d share them, cos, well they’re pretty.

choose books.gif

Most of these are books I had/acquired at uni and have been with me through an awful lot- which is why I think it’s kind of special that these are the books I get to show to you today (don’t expect any childhood books though, they’re all in storage- *sob* my poor HPs). And even though there are a couple on these shelves that I don’t like (*cough* Lolita *cough cough*), I wouldn’t part with them for anything.

bookshelf 1 (2).jpg

The first shelf kicks off the show with my pretty splendid fairy tale collection, then for purely logical reasons/cos I felt like it there’s gothic literature, Scottish-literature-that’s-somehow-not-gothic, a part I like to call “America Fuck Yeah!” and after that the remainder’s supposed to be English- only you can probably see my beloved To Kill A Mockingbird chilling next to Shakespeare- whatever, if I’d put it somewhere else, looking at the height difference would have killed me.

bookshelf 2 (2).jpg

Okay the first book on this shelf was a gift and I’ve not read it- it does look great- but I don’t tend to read author biographies- I’ll get to it one day STOP GUILT TRIPPING ME BRAIN! Moving on, we’ve got good ol’ Norton Theory, next to some sheer awesomeness in the way of Shakespeare, Austen, Chaucer (incidentally you can hurt your back carrying those to uni- word to the wise, download backups on your kindle!). Annnd after that’s my very modest classics collection, followed by some poetry. I definitely want to bring attention to my *gorgeous* copy of Blake at the end- it’s the Tate edition, very artistic and really compact! (great for travelling, just sayin’)

songs innocence large

I also have these on another shelf cos WHERE DOES ONE PUT KAFKA?


Half a shelf (3)

JK! (mostly) And I also wanted to show off my lovely Greek Vases book- in case you didn’t know how cool I was 😉

And that’s all for now- hope you enjoyed the sexy book pics and my ramblings 😉