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Happy Sunday! So I’ve been having a super lazy day (mainly cos I’m ill in bed) and thought it might be fun to play a game while I lounge about. I was tagged by three absolutely awesome bloggers: The Bookish Underdog, Rose Read Blog, Carrianne’s Cuppa ‘n Critiques. Ever since I first saw this one I’ve been in equal measure excited and nervous to do it- so let’s get started before I chicken out…


  • Randomly choose 3 books (Tip: Use the “Sort > Random” option on your Goodreads’ Read shelf- or you can just make my mistake, waste time writing loads of titles on bits of paper and pick them at random).
  • For each group, decide which book to burn, which one to rewrite, and which to reread
  • Repeat until you completed three rounds (or 9 in my case, cos I didn’t read the rules before starting).

Round 1

bronze horseman accident season i capture the castle.png


The Bronze HorsemanGosh I hate this book and would happily burn it- if you wanna know why, you can read my review here.


The Accident SeasonI wasn’t totally impressed with this and definitely thought there was room for improvement.


I Capture the CastleI *love* this book- I’d happily reread it any day!

So far so good…

Round 2

wise mans fear ps i still love jude


Wise Man’s Fear- it’s no secret that I hated the direction this series took- it felt so self-indulgent and boring.


PS I Still Love You– I really like this duology, but the sequel was a bit of a letdown and could’ve been better. I would definitely like to change who she ends up with in this for starters.


Jude– let’s be honest, I have no desire to reread this book- but that’s because it’s so good that once was enough.

Round 3

girl of fire and thorns thirteen reasons shadow of wind


Girl of Fire and Thorns– I don’t actually think this book deserves to be burned, but I can’t see enough good in it to warrant a rewrite.


13 Reasons Why– personally, I actually think this is a worse book than Girl of Fire and Thorns, but the idea is good and could be redeemed in a rewrite.


Shadow of the Wind– gosh- I love this book!!

This is going too well….

Round 4

eye of the world throne of glass as I lay dying.png


As I Lay Dying– die you mother-effer!


Eye of the World. Let’s face it, I’d happily burn this one too. Still I’ll settle for rewriting it- although it already feels like a bad rewrite of Tolkein.


Throne of Glass. Reread! No questions asked!

Round 5

we were liars emma tfios.png


The Fault in Our Stars. It’s no secret that I didn’t like this book- and since there’s no way I could burn the other two books in this selection….


We Were Liars. Oh no!! I don’t want to do this at all- cos one of the best things about this is the way it’s written- but then let’s face it, the one I’m gonna reread is…


Emma. Because even though I reread this recently, I could happily reread this again. And again. And again.

Round 6

divergent captain corelli snow like ashes.png


Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. This book totally deserves it #SorryNotSorry


Divergent. Yeah- this should be rewritten before to resemble a better YA dystopia (like the Hunger Games) or a better way of characterising teens into groups (like Harry Potter)- oh wait, it’s already been done before- my bad.


Snow Like Ashes. I don’t especially want to reread this, but I suppose it wouldn’t be much of a chore and maybe I’ll like it better the second time round?

Round 7

red queen vicious bone season.png


Bone Season. I don’t know why this was called “the next Harry Potter” (I feel like every time I’ve heard that description it’s only ever been for books that definitely *will not* be the next Harry Potter). It’s awfully confused, boring and just plain weird. Basically it’s only good for kindling.


Red Queen. This book was good, but by no means perfect- there’s definitely room for improvement.


Vicious. I would happily reread this- it’s been a pretty easy round 🙂

Round 8

statistical probability fifty shades steelheart.png

Gah- I don’t like any of these!


Fifty Shades. I could easily burn this and feel no remorse.


Statistical Probability- to be honest there’s not much to save in this book.


Steelheart– I put this in the mix with the full intention of it being a rewrite and now I’m stuck rereading it. 

Round 9

harry potter carry on young elites

Nooooo! This is literally a nightmare!!


The Young Elites– ughh I really don’t want to do this but I have no choice… *sobs*


Harry Potter? Ok before the lynch mob comes after me- I’d only rewrite the bit in number 5 when Sirius dies- cos it didn’t actually specify which Harry Potter… (god the lynch mob is coming for me in the comments aren’t they?)


Carry On- I love this book- there’s no way I could hurt it in any way! Although it wouldn’t actually exist without Harry Potter- ah I wanna change my answer and reread Harry Potter too- this is just the worst!

Okay, this has gotten way out of hand- time to stop!

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Ok, I’m sure plenty of you have a lot to say after that- I dread to say this- but what did you think of my choices? Do you want to shoot me for some of them? Let me know in the comments below!