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Hello all! So a couple of days ago I dropped the big bombshell that I didn’t like La La Land. Now see the thing is when I don’t get something I hate I always have this *cue music* moment, where this song pops into my head…

And this gave me a crazy idea to make a The Emperor’s New Clothes Tag! Let’s get to it shall we!

“Your Majesty, this is a magic suit” – An Overhyped Book That Promised to be *Something More*  


Everyone hates overhyped books, but why would you compare it to Night Circus?

“Somebody send for the Queen” – A Love Interest That Wasn’t Called For

queen of shadows

Sorry guys but it’s got to be Rowan from the Throne of Glass series- to be honest I was hoping she’d do a Buffy and just stay single.

“The doublet is a lovely shade of green” – A Book That Seduced You with Its Cover (that you ended up disliking)

(this is a post for griping guys)


I cover bought it *on my kindle* no less (this was before I knew that they could change the covers on there anyway). What makes it worse is I got the whole series cos it was a bargain… (yes, yes, lesson learnt- deals on kindle are a dime a dozen)

“Summon the court to convene” – A Book Where You Were Swayed by Public Opinion


So I have two answers for this. The first is Twilight- because I admittedly liked the first one (yes, yes, sparkly vampires and all *hangs head in shame*), but as they got progressively worse I saw the error of my ways 😉 .

pride and prejudice

And my second answer is Pride and Prejudice, which I initially disliked, but was persuaded to like by reading her other works (including Persuasion) I think I was too young to get the irony the first time round… And now I love it!

“Look at the the King! Look at the King, the King, the King!” – A Stark Raving Mad Book That Just Boggles the Mind


Why the hell was this ever a thing?!

“It’s altogether the very least the King has ever worn” – A Tropey Get Up You’ve Seen Before That Probably Needs Redressing (aka a trope you’re bored with seeing)

empire of storms

I really am not keen on the “chosen one” or Messianic trope at the moment. It’s just getting really old- so unless there’s some kind of twist on it, I get kind of peeved with it. That’s why (and I had a really long discussion with a friend about this recently) it really irritated me that Throne of Glass took the messianic route in book 5. Do something different darn it!!

“Summon the court physician! Call an intermission!” – A Book That Needs Medical Attention AKA A REWRITE


Any book that manages to make dragons suck needs a rewrite in my opinion- but I chose this one because I actually came up with How It Should Have Ended a while ago 😉

“It’s altogether the very least the King has ever worn” – There’s No Hiding For This One: A Book That Is Just Nakedly Bad

fifty shades of grey

Could there be any other answer?

Bonus: “His majesty is wide open to ridicule and scorn”- Something (anything) That Astounds You With Its Popularity


TV– Big Brother- I read 1984 before I ever heard of this and my reaction was “WHY THE HELL WOULD THAT BE A THING?!” After turning it on once and seeing a braindead conversation on what IQ was I turned it off and never watched it again #noregrets

Music– “fight fight fight fight…” no explanation needed

Movie– I didn’t like this movie- blah blah blah 😉

Art– Tracy Emin’s Bed- I’m not into the debate over whether something is or isn’t art- but I do think you can have a discussion of what is bad art- this demonstrates zero technical ability and is pure shock value.

And (don’t hate me)… Pokemon Go. I mean, I somewhat get why people liked the game- but I don’t get why people quit their jobs and wandered off cliffs to catch imaginary creatures…

Well that was fun to get all that off my chest (though I have no idea how it will be received!) time to tag some people:

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And that’s all for today! Agree with my choices? Disagree? Let me know in the comments!