Encouraging Thunder Award

Ahh we all made it to the end of the week. What a relief! Thanks so much to the awesome Paper Dragon who nominated me for this way back in January!


– Thank the person who nominated you.
– Post the Encouraging Thunder logo.
– Mention your purpose in blogging.
– Nominate others for the award.

Why I blog

Because I love books! I am completely obsessed- I love reading them, writing about them and talking to other people about them. I just cannot hold in all the *feels*. Sometimes I want to shout that love from the rooftops. And sometimes I want to rant and rave about them. Blogging is the perfect way to deal with all that surplus emotion. Basically, to sum up: “I read therefore I blog”.

I nominate:

Rosypop, Trust in the Words, Quirky Book Nerd, Books and Bakes, Analee, Diana Prince Reviews, Dreaming Through Literature, Calliope, emdoesbookreviews, Ebony Monaes Thoughts