Everything, Everything Book Review

everything everythingWhat a lovely book to start the week with! This book should come with a *warning: you will have an intense amount of feels when reading this book* attached to it. Because it’s the kind of book that makes butterflies stir in the pit of your stomach and has you chorusing “aww” at various intervals. It’s that sweet.

Yet for all its sugary sentiment, it’s not one of your run of the mill light reads. Unusually for a book of this sort, it has hidden depths, intertwining with other stories. I loved that about it. Even in the casual references- such as when she refers to Rapunzel- because it gives the book an added flavour. And yet this is done with such a light touch that I can happily say that these references did not come across as being pretentious at all. It was perfectly balanced to give it just the right air.

Of course, I also loved the characters- I defy anyone not to! And I really enjoyed the delectable ways the author used to tell the story- it reminded me of We Were Liars. So top marks for innovation! As well as that, it’s the kind of book that makes you crave more, so it’s easy to read in one sitting- which is always welcome. Yet, even though it’s a fast read, I was left feeling like my appetite was completely satisfied. As satisfying as I’m sure a Bundt cake is!

The twist is fairly obvious, but still masterfully handled and adds dimensions to the book that make it really interesting. My one criticism is that this revelation wasn’t given enough space to develop because the book ended before we could see how she would resolve it (gosh- sometimes not putting spoilers in makes it really hard not to sound cryptic).

But even then, I’m happy to recommend this book, because I’m certain it will put a smile on your face. I’m willing to bet everything- everything!

Rating: 4½ bananas

half bananahalf bananahalf bananahalf banana  half banana

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