Explosive Books For Bonfire Night!

Remember, remember the fifth of November…


Yup- tonight is Bonfire Night in the UK!! And one of the best things about living in a flat is that I’ve been getting a free firework display out my window all week! 😀 Anyhoo, in the spirit of the season, I’ve decided to write a quick post celebrating some explosive books (very quick, since I’m currently burning the candle at both ends with my Nano plans… but more on that another time 😉 ) Here we go…

Jude the Obscure– let’s start of nice and gently… WITH THE MOST DEVASTATING BOOK OF ALL TIME!! (what did you think this was going to be a sparkler- NOPE this is a firecracker straight through the heart- you’re welcome 😉 ) Jude was shocking back in the day, but to my mind I can’t see a future when this will cease to have an impact.


Engleby– who likes a good thriller? Me! And this has a killer of a plot twist and like one of those fountain-thingys is seriously underrated.


Gone Girl– speaking of thrillers, I could hardly fail to include Flynn’s masterpiece, since this book officially has the BIGGEST plot twist EVER! Now I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ll leave it there (just know it’s an *epic* book and well worth a read!!)


Game of Thrones– moving onto fantasy, everyone knows by now that Martin is the king of the plot twist- and let’s be honest, no one saw that first main character dying way back in the day…game of thrones book

Young Elites– I was pleasantly surprised by this dark book for loads of reasons- not least because it had the most incendiary, unexpected ending!! It popped up out of nowhere!!

the young elites

Crooked Kingdom– okay do I really need to let you know how much I love this book after raving about it last week?! This book is DYNAMITE from beginning to end (and man, that ending really blew everything up *sobs*)

crooked kingdom

Checkmate– alright, so being more literal now, this book centres round a bomb plot, that may or may not go off… It’s high stakes and tense stuff. And the whole book being will she/won’t she really reminds me of a Catherine Wheel (Also, if you can’t tell I really want to bring this series circling back 😉 )


Illuminae– and speaking of a explosions, that’s just how this starts. And if you think it lets up at any point in the story, you would be WRONG! From beginning to end, this book’s a meteoric ball of excitement! Speaking of which…


The Martian– AHH this book is a rollercoaster of emotions- it makes you feel simultaneously stressed and excited and awestruck! And if rockets are your jam, then this book will send you to Mars!

the martian

Golden Son– I really I could have said any of the books in the Red Rising trilogy, but if you know how this ends, then you know that this second instalment in particular BLOWS ALL THE OTHERS OUT OF THE WATER!!

golden son

Okay, I sincerely apologise to you for any harm done by my godawful puns in this post 😉 Hopefully I’ve not scared you away 😉

While we’re on explosive topics, I wanted to announce on my blog (in case you missed it over on twitter) that the winner of my giveaway was Daley Downing– I’m so excited because she’s an amazing blogger and author!! So please do check her out here!!

And that’s all for today- do you have any *explosive* book recommendations? And do you celebrate Bonfire Night? Let me know in the comments! And have a great rest of the weekend!!