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Well yes I know I said yesterday I was done with GOT summaries for a while- but I didn’t say it would be my last post! Because even if the last season’s not out yet, I have been thinking about how I’d rank the series so far and I thought I’d share it with you as a nice wrap up for my Game of Thrones posts. All of these will link to my review posts. Let’s start with my favourite:

Season 3


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Ahh I can’t even think about season 3 without getting emotional. Two words: Red Wedding. That is all.

Season 4

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After an absolutely sensational season 3, full of ups and lots of downs, the story didn’t let its foot off the accelerator, delivering some pretty epic TV from beginning to end. For me, this was the turning point where I finally started liking characters like Sansa and it cemented my affection for Jaime. Plus, Tyrion’s trial is showstopping.

Season 1

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You have no idea Ned…

The original series is one of the best. At this point, I’ve watched it so many times and it’s quite simply excellent TV. It does a *fantastic* job of introducing the world, the intrigue and the characters… and then it lops off your head with a *hahaha you did not see that coming*. Yup, season 1 basically explains why I love this show so much.

Season 6

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It will probably surprise people to find Season 6 higher up my list than 2- especially because I loved season 2 throughout and I did have some issues with season 6 (most notably episode 7, which I dubbed “man chops wood” and never reviewed because it was too dull). Nonetheless, the reason this gets higher on my list is because the last two episodes are possibly my favourite of Game of Thrones *ever*. And Arya becoming No One is pretty awesome too (gaping plotholes aside)

Season 2

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Strangely enough, even after writing my review for season 2 and noting how much actually happens there, I’ve forgotten a lot of it by now. While I did really like it, the reason this comes further down my list is because it never feels as memorable as some of the other seasons.

Season 5

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I know I’ll be getting some funny looks for not putting this last, especially considering my review. Quite honestly this season is a mess- however, in spite of all my griping about it, I did feel like this should be higher on my list given that it felt more like Game of Thrones than season 7. While there were hints of some of the flaws in the writing that came to overshadow season 7 for me, I did feel like there were some more gritty moments in season 5. Basically, Hardhome and the Night’s Watch storyline saved the season for me.

Season 7


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I enjoyed a lot of this season- but *spoiler alert* the more I think about it, the more I realise that the plot holes are bigger than the hole in the wall. And a lot of my enjoyment came out of it falling into some generic fantasy tropes. While I liked a lot of the stories- Dany meeting Jon on Dragonstone, Arya and Sansa at Winterfell, Cersei in King’s Landing- I feel like I can pick out too many flaws, no matter how much fun I had watching them. Don’t get me wrong, I like generic fantasy tropes and I was grateful that all my favourite characters were protected with plot armour… yet I can’t help but have nostalgia for some of the earlier seasons and long for a bit more realism when I watch it.

So what is your ranking? Which season is your favourite and which one do you like the least? Let me know in the comments!