Fictional Boyfriend Tag

Okay now that Valentine’s Day (bleuch) is over, I can go back to being my usual sappy romantic self. Also this tag is a chance for me to stalk awesome fan art and random pics of characters on the internet. I was tagged to do this by Catia and  Dreamy Addictions– so thanks so much for that!

  1. Most romantic boyfriend

Prince Dorian Havilliard- cos he’s a prince and he’s charming :p

dorian h

  1. Dark and moody bad boy with a good side

Ooh I love this kind of character- do I only get to pick one? Ahh this is so hard- I’m gonna go with Victor from Vicious- although there are so many others I love!


  1. Paranormal boyfriend

This is a hard one cos right now I can’t think of a single one. At the moment I’m intrigued by Ronan from the Raven Cycle- but I’ve only read book one and at the moment I’m still in the I’m-not-sure-I-like-you-or-hate-you phase. Time will tell.

by lesjeuxsontsfaits
  1. Boyfriend you want to tame

Hmm the idea of taming someone really doesn’t appeal- but I guess if I pick a total nutter like Maven from Red Queen or Raskolnikov from Crime and Punishment I’d be justified in trying to make sure they don’t kill again at least :p


  1. Boy you friend zoned

Baz- cos even though *I WANT HIM*, I ship who he ends up with in the book too much. Plus he’s gay.


  1. Your soul mate

At the moment I feel like that’s Daniel Deronda- I have a soft spot for heroes like him. (but it could easily be anyone else- I’m too fickle for just one book soul mate!)

daniel deronda character

  1. Boyfriend you want to elope with

Wait- so I wanna elope with someone other than my soul mate- I sure get around. Alright then, if you insist, I’m gonna pick Akkarin from the Magician’s Guild series, pretty much entirely cos of the cave scene in the last book :p

by Kir Tat
  1. Boyfriend you’d venture anywhere with

I would very happily follow Aragorn around like a lost puppy. Or Faramir. Or even Thorin Oakenshield. Basically- anyone wandering round Middle Earth (though that might have more to do with the location than the person)



  1. Boyfriend you’d want to be stranded on a desert island with

Okay, so after finding my soul mate, eloping with someone else and stalking another person, I’m picking someone else to be stuck on a desert island? Wow- okay- no judgement. I guess I’ll go with the Count of Monte Cristo- cos I’m pretty sure he ends up on a desert island. I just hope he doesn’t mind me joining him- I’d hate to be the target of his next revenge plot.


  1. Most badass boyfriend

Let’s go with one of my favourites of all time: Valek from Poison Study (although I’m pretty tempted by Rowan from Throne of Glass too).


Also, Valek is clearly a bad-ass cos he’s Head Assassin so I’m sure he can take anybody. In fact, I’d be that annoying girlfriend pointing at people every two seconds and going…

so can you take that guy.png

 Alright- that was fun!