My favourite fictional friendships!


Hello all! Today I thought I’d dedicate a post to something I haven’t talked about much on this blog: friendship! I’ve done loads of posts on romance and even on sisterhood, but this is something I’ve been sorely neglecting. Though not as celebrated, I realised as I started thinking about this that there are SO MANY MORE fictional friendships than I realised. Here are just some of my faves:

big little lies

Big Little Lies– while essentially a murder mystery, one of this book’s greatest strengths is the focus on female friendship. It not only ties in strongly with the storyline, it also does a fantastic job of creating believable bonds between very different people. For some reason, that just warms my heart!


Prisoner of Azkaban– for many, the most obvious friendship in Harry Potter is obviously the Golden Trio. And I’m not trying to take away from that. It’s just, I can’t help but be intrigued by the Marauder’s story and how they haunt the pages of these books. Speaking of ghosts…

raven boys

Raven Boys– I love the friendship between the raven boys. Again, these characters are totally unlike each other and yet that’s what makes their connection to each other so compelling. They like each other because of their differences (even if one of them is quite literally dead).

iron gold

Iron Gold– there are lots and lots of different kinds of relationships in Red Rising (for better or worse) but my favourite by far has to be Darrow and Sevro. Remarkably, it’s still going strong, despite all the trials and tribulations they’ve been through.

daughter of smoke and bone

Daughter of Smoke and Bone– though this trilogy is very much centred on the romance, it doesn’t mean the theme of friendship is neglected. In fact, for me personally, Zuzana and Karou’s friendship sometimes steal the spotlight. 

six of crows

Six of Crows– again, Bardugo’s books are full of romance, so you won’t be missing out in that department. However, what I also adore about these books is how the Dregs, led by the indomitable Kaz Brekker, would do anything for each other (legal or illegal). On a slightly more conventional note…


The Fellowship of the Ring– I mean, doesn’t every fantasy fan love the moment when the Fellowship declare they will take the Ring to Mordor? With Gimli and Legolas coming together despite their differences, the gap between men and hobbits being bridged, this one was a no-brainer for the list (have to admit that I was a little torn over whether to put this or Thorin and Company… so here’s me giving that a sneaky mention too 😉 )

red sister

Red Sister– as you might gather from the title, these books feature sisterhood… well technically speaking they’re killer nuns… Regardless, these books powerfully reflect the bonds of friendship and I am *here* for it.  

aurora rising

Aurora Rising– yet another gang of misfits for the list! This is one of my more recent reads, but no less deserving. Once again, Kristoff and Kauffman teamed up for an incredible saga, giving us multiple voices and a bold new cast. Yet here, I felt the focus on friendship was even greater than its predecessor. One thing’s for certain, if you liked the Illuminae Files, I can assure you, you’re in for a treat!


Skyward– something about space operas makes for the perfect friendship-forming environment, because this is the third of its kind on the list! Maybe it’s the lack of oxygen 😉 Either way, this sensational sci fi does a lot to build up the bonds of the crew, drawing us into their circle and making us take every heart-plummeting step with them… until by the end I felt like I’d befriended them too!

And that’s all… for now! (I swear, I have so many more!) Do you agree with any of my picks? What are some of your favourite fictional friendships? Let me know in the comments!