The Dragon and the Wolf- FINALLY!!

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Before we start let’s have a brief freakout that this is the final episode of the season…

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And a quick cry that we have to wait two years for the next season…

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Okay, so now we’ve got that out our system (mostly), let’s talk about how I WAS RIGHT!!! FINALLY!!! Things I and loads of other people have been saying for years came to fruition.

The biggest one for me was Littlefinger’s downfall. Even during this episode, I was thinking “it would be mad if Sansa kills Arya or Arya kills Sansa- it won’t happen”. I *knew* it was a ruse… and it was! They were playing Littlefinger all along. Obviously the showrunners took us for a bit of a ride there- but in the end *the pack survives*. Also this was hugely satisfying because I predicted that Sansa would kill Littlefinger before the end- all the characters have fatal flaws and his special was his creepy-ass love. Everyone succumbs to their weakness in this show- everyone. So yeah, I was right about this and MANY THINGS- what’s that Missandei?

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Okay- enough revelling in my small victory (but gosh darn it, I’ve got to take what I can get- I so rarely guess anything on this show). Moving onto the truce, I’ll admit to being a bit peeved about how the whole truce is playing out. I mean- let’s start with the obvious: WHAT IS THE POINT OF EURON GREYJOY? Ughh the whole Iron Island story, ever since they went off book, has really struggled. Without Euron’s weirdly mystical powers and magic horn (no euphemism guys, keep it clean 😉 ) this hasn’t seemed like it’s been going anywhere. I know, I know- he’s supposed to be off to get more troops (which destroys the whole “I’m a scary guy that’s been scared vibe we’re supposed to be getting) but arghhh I just don’t think he’s been a particularly exciting villain. Someone resurrect Ramsey… actually with the Night King on his way that might be a distinct possibility… I TAKE IT BACK!

Still, I have other problems with this whole “truce” storyline. It just seems a little too easy. I mean, I know Cersei’s backstabbing them (rather predictably) but considering the fact she blew up the Sept last season, it could have been a bit more spectacular. Sure, everyone can blame Jon for being honourable and telling the truth- but it doesn’t really matter since Cersei was intent on lying. And since it was so obvious that she wouldn’t in fact follow through with her promises and was just using the meeting to buy time- again I ask: WHAT WAS THE POINT? It was a dumb plan with a shitty outcome. One can only assume that Tyrion has some backstage plan (maybe promising her child will be heir to the Iron Throne? Which won’t work if Dany’s preggers…) to make this all worthwhile.

Scratch that- that won’t be worthwhile at all. The only good thing to come out of this is that she has *FINALLY* pushed Jaime to breaking point (with a little help from Brienne, acting as his conscience again). So that was a small consolation at least.

And speaking of characters getting some balls… Theon actually grew a pair (well in a manner of speaking  )! Although, ironically enough, it was his lack of balls that gave him the advantage in that fight…

And then the most ballsy person on the show got a turn to do a massive reveal… Oh no wait, Gilly was left off stage while we got Sam instead, which is almost as good (I wasn’t the only one who was pissed at him for taking credit for her work, the internet had a field day 😉 ) Joking aside, I absolutely loved Sam’s scene with Bran- his reaction to Bran being the three eyed raven was hilarious.

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I will say though that the all-knowing Bran not knowing that Rhaegar married Lyanna was a bit of a continuity error for the sake of some added drama. Yet I can forgive it, because like I said, the scene was so so good. Especially when it started splicing the past and present together.

Although admittedly, let’s think about the fact that Bran may have been watching that. Of course, there was more than one peeping tom here. Tyrion was creeping about the corridors and I don’t think it was just voyeurism. This seems like some major *foreshadowing* because he certainly looks like he thinks this will end badly (and also the main reason I think he’s made a deal with Cersei- although it’s a lot to base on a look).

Add to that the sheer weirdness of this scene, with the *this is incest guys* voiceover, making this simultaneously gross and romantic. I mean, I’ll admit to being really confused about this. You guys know I shipped Dany and Jon for years… but ewww. I feel sorry for Jon finding all this out (not Dany though- it’s kinda good news for her considering she thought she’d have to marry her brother one day)- I guess it’ll go something like this: “Good news: you’re not a bastard, you’re the rightful king of Westeros… Bad news: say hi to your aunt…”. Or if Bran’s the one delivering the news:

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Oh dear, I guess Jon really does know NOTHING

(I’m really trying to plug this Thrones! The Musical guys!)

Annnd just when we were revelling in all of that, the wall came tumbling down. Man! Where’s Trump when you need him? Someone send for him quick!

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(never thought I’d use that gif- I’m going to hell in a handcart 😉 )

Overall, this didn’t start out as the most spectacular finale we’ve ever had. However, with the slow build-up we did get some great one-on-one scenes, the likes of which have been fewer this season. We also had incredible reunions: Pod and Tyrion, Tyrion and Bronne and even that striking scene between Tyrion and Cersei- basically *all the Tyrion moments*. Then there was the Hound and Brienne bonding over Arya and Cersei coming face to face with the dead. And we’ve been promised Cleganebowl people!! Plus, to top it all off, there were some gorgeous wintery filmography and showstopping visuals like Dany arriving on dragon (that never gets old!). All in all- there was a lot going on this episode!

Alrighty then- thus ends another epic season- can you believe that episode? Can you believe that season? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!

And for anyone who fears this will be the last of my posts on Game of Thrones till 2019, I will hopefully have a quick wrap up before too long and who knows… maybe Winds of Winter will come out in the meantime?! Here’s hoping!


Ooh Err… Let’s Go Beyond the Wall

Well hello there!! I’m back from beyond the wall… Aka beyond Hadrian’s Wall…


Basil Brush Boom Boom

Okay that was a terrible joke… Anyhoo, while I don’t have any photos to prove it (I used to live there, so didn’t get that *omg I’m a tourist and must capture everything* urge) I had an awesome time on my trip to Edinburgh. Coincidentally while I was up there I went to see Thrones! The Musical on the Fringe – so if you are in the area, or can get to the festival, I *highly recommend* you going- it was THE BEST THING EVER!

thrones the musical

And if you want to know how good it is, check out this SPOILERS song, cos, well, now we’re getting to the spoilery part of my post.

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I did like the opening scene, even though it moved at a snail’s pace. We got quite a bit of character bonding, which I appreciate, since we haven’t had as many slower scenes this season. Aside from the humour, I particularly appreciated the moment between Jon and Jorah.

While we’re on the subject of developing relationships, there was of course mad-tension emerging between Arya and Sansa. I will say for the record that if it does come to a fight, I’m Team Arya (#sorrynotsorry she’s been my favourite character the longest). HOWEVER, as I’ve discussed before, I am inclined to believe this is a ruse for Littlefinger’s benefit. Especially after reading an article reminding us that the trailer this year about the “lone wolf” was a bit of clever misdirection, because that line originally came from the talk Ned gave to Arya about how the “pack survives” in winter when they work together- so this gives me hope that the Stark children are in fact working behind the scenes to bring Littlefinger down. Otherwise, I don’t rate their combined brains- because c’mon this guy has snake written all over him (just as clearly as Saville had creep written all over him- it makes you wonder how people miss this sort of thing…?)

littlefinger saville.png

I sincerely hope this theory is correct- not just for the sake of all the characters I love, but for the sake of the show’s consistency (which has not been as good this season). We are supposed to believe that all of the Stark children have experienced some sort of growth: Bran magically knows everything, Arya’s a killer assassin and Sansa has possibly grown the most with her canny knowledge of court politics. After all of her scathing remarks about Littlefinger in particular, are we really supposed to believe she doesn’t know what she’s doing when she moves Brienne out of the picture?

But enough of that- this wasn’t the only relationship to take a hit in this episode. We saw more friction between Dany and Tyrion, as they discussed walking into the lion’s den. Fortunately there are no dimwits here, and they are well aware that Cersei is laying a trap. Plus, they got a great one liner from Dany:

dany stupid things

No truer words were ever spoken. And for all the mistakes he’s made this season, I do think that that Tyrion’s right here- they do need to discuss the laws of succession and Dany needs to stop being so darn difficult all the time. BUT her reappearance later in the episode had me practically yelling THIS IS WHY I LOVE HER!!! More on that in a second…

Because before the massive showdown, there was some stress inducing scenes with a zombie bear. I definitely appreciated the chilling and creepy scenes beyond the wall- because for all the ridiculousness of the plan, flaming swords are cool and I like a good battle where (mostly) randomers get eaten by walkers. This episode totally fulfilled my *yay action!* quota while also amping up my stress levels. Of course, time has gone out of the window in the show now, so the message that they’re sitting round like penguins surrounded by the dead gets to Dany quickly enough for her to save the day… but let’s skirt right over that, because ARGHHH THAT CONCLUSION WAS SO EPIC I CAN’T COMPLAIN!!!

Welllll…. I won’t be complaining per se… but WHO CAN BELIEVE WE’VE LOST A DRAGON?!? (incidentally I watched this with some friends- one of whom is a genius and guessed *every single part* of the episode INCLUDING THIS!!) And this is the same week yet another gripey Guardian post said the show’s lost its evil streak- what could be worse than losing a dragon dammit?! I legit can’t cope and am in mourning (yes, yes laugh away callous humans- my mum did when I told her). Fortunately there are some very sensitive articles online about this tragic event 😉

And speaking of things that made me unhappy, as I’ve discussed before, I didn’t want Jon to bend the knee. I knew it would happen eventually- especially with the discussion of pride and stubbornness at the beginning of the episode. I was glad it happened for a good reason- I mean she did do him a major solid- yet I didn’t see him as being foolish her and am not sure of the implications for the rest of the series and how this will impact the *big reveal* of Jon’s parentage. Either they will have to end up together or Dany will die as I’ve long predicted… but who knows?

Speaking of implications, I have been wondering a lot lately about the correlation of the show and the book, so I’ve been thinking a lot that I don’t expect this crazy jaunt to happen like this. Obviously we now know that one of the dragons will get turned into a wight- though I feel like this might not be the way it goes down. One of the things that indicated this to me was that we didn’t lose any major characters, making me think they’re all needed elsewhere and for the final battle. It also makes me think that Benjen possibly died earlier, sacrificing himself for Bran, as his appearance here was too convenient and he ended up getting overwhelmed anyway (likely dying permanently- though other miracles have happened). As mentioned by many other people, Jon’s plot armour has become impenetrable of late- which again makes me think this is not going to happen in the books (notorious for character’s lack of plot armour). We did however learn some important things from this episode: namely that if you kill the Night King all the Walkers will die and that there’s no way Dondarrion will be coming back from the dead. Plus, let’s be honest, it was a kickass episode.

Now if you don’t mind I’m gonna go in a corner and have a good cry (while I also do a crazy amount of blog hopping to catch up with you lovely people 😉 ) Have a great weekend!

Eek Game of Thrones is back!!

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Hello all! Exciting news today: as I did last year, I will be reviewing all the Game of Thrones episodes now that it’s back! This will be full of spoilers because, dudes and dudettes, if you haven’t watched it three days after the premier, I don’t know what you’ve been doing!? Go away and come back when you’ve watched it!

Righty ho…

shall we begin

Let’s get straight onto what I loved about this episode, namely… THAT OPENING! Man, only in Game of Thrones do you get a payoff in season 7 for something that happened in season 3- but it was so worth the wait. That line “winter has come for house Fray” was literally killer. I mean, I knew from the fact that the recap alone gave me chills that I was in for a thunderstorm of emotions, but I didn’t expect for it to blow me away so quickly. Five minutes in and it was already the best TV I’d seen in a year.

There was of course that same old recap element to the first episode of the season. And even though it felt like I’d been grabbed by the throat by that beginning, the pressure did ease off a little as other characters were reintroduced.

That said, I enjoyed the initial character development you got in this episode. I do appreciate how dark Sansa has gotten- but, and I say this with the utmost respect for her character, her advice was shit. It almost reminded me of all the times I’d groaned at Catelyn Stark’s bad advice. I know I might get flak from her super fans, but Jon’s plan just seemed far more sensible- especially when you want to unite the north and don’t want lasting grudges to distract you from killing the Night King.

I did feel like there were probably more people crammed into this episode than was absolutely necessary- you had everything from a glimpse of Jorah Mormont’s arm to a cameo of Ed Sheeran (no joke!). And then there were a few story arcs that just slowed down the pace considerably. The middle lagged- especially when the Hound got his moment in the spotlight. I’m also struggling to get excited about Euron Greyjoy as this seasons’ big bad- unless he does something especially egregious (I mean worthy of Ramsey Snow egregious) I don’t think I’m going to buy that he’s so dastardly- only time will tell. Couple all that setup with a number of scenes of Samwell Tarley cleaning up bodily fluids and my attention started to wane.

Fortunately, the ending did perk me up again. With all the build up and talk of Dragonstone tying the episode together, I did have a hint this was where it was going- but there was always that worry that it would take weeks for Dany to cross the narrow sea. Luckily we didn’t have to wait that long! No- just wham bam thank you mam, she’s in Dragonstone.

And that’s where I’ll leave you too! All I will ask you today is how excited on a scale of 1-10 are you feeling about this show?! Let me know in the comments! (even if your answer is zero 😉 )