The Happiness Tag

Hello! It’s Friday, it’s (sort of) summer, so I reckon it’s the perfect time to do the Happiness Tag!

Thank you so much to the wonderful Marie @Drizzleandhurricanebooks for tagging me to do this one- her posts are always top quality and, appropriately for this post, you couldn’t find a more optimistic and positive blogger if you tried! And while I’m on the subject, I highly recommend you check out her Souvenirs From Across the World because it’s an amazing idea and there is still a week to go for subscriptions- so get over to her blog pronto and register your interest!

Now on with the tag!

List five nine things that make you happy:

Okay, so it’s supposed to be five, but it makes me happy to break the rules, so I’m gonna ignore that one.

  1. Books! Duh- I write a book blog- who was actually surprised by this one? 😉


  1. Being creative– writing, drawing, blogging- anything really!

paint palette

  1. Spending time with friends and family– just cos


  1. Food– any food really, chocolate, pizza, cake, pasta, sandwiches… I’m gonna stop before I make myself really hungry and I start to sound too much like George R R Martin, but here’s something to whet the appetite:


  1. New places! I love travelling and I love going someplace different


  1. You guys! The blogging community is sensational!


  1. These guys:


  1. Exercising– okay, this one’s slightly disingenuous, because by exercise I mostly mean dancing round my room like a lunatic


  1. Music!

cadbury's gorilla gif.gif

Which brings me onto…

List five songs that make you happy:

  1. Shake it Off

(see above- dancing around the room like a lunatic…)

  1. Sound & Vision
  1. I’m On My Way
  1. Here Comes the Sun

(okay, this one’s a bit bittersweet for me- but this is such a cathartic song  I kind of felt like I had to include it)

  1. Dancing in the Dark

Tag five people:

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And *you*! Make your own post- tell me what makes you happy in your own post or in the comments below!