Eating Up Five Quarters of the Orange

five-quarters-of-the-orangeAhh the end of the year is fast approaching and I still have so many reviews sitting in my drafts! Now admittedly, I am trying to cram in a few more of these before January hits, but I did want to share this one because I really felt like it captured the scenery of the Loire Valley perfectly. Through Harris’ typically sensory style, I felt really nostalgic for the place she described and felt transported both through time and space.

Going into this book, I wasn’t sure I would enjoy it, because I had been told the mother was a bit dodgy and abusive. Now, while the mother was no saint, I actually found her to be a very sympathetic character. However, even though I enjoyed this book, I did have my problems with it- and it was not from the things I was forewarned about!

Firstly I really didn’t feel like the main character was a 9 year old- she was far too mature for her age. I think it would have been a really good idea to age her up a couple of years. Secondly, and more importantly, I had a huge problem with the children acting as collaborators. It just made me uncomfortable to be honest- and I didn’t get how they could be both very aware of what they were doing and yet claim innocence. It was contradictory in a way that didn’t make sense. It left a bit of a bitter taste in the mouth.

Despite that, I rated it a solid

Rating 3/5 bananas

 half bananahalf bananahalf banana

So that was my short and sweet review- have you read any books by Joanne Harris? Did you like them? Let me know in the comments!