Ode to Used Books


O slightly ruffled books, how I love thee!

Though your creases and stains are plain to see,

And, let’s be honest, you do kind of smell,

The words inside you read just as well-

So three cheers for old books cos let’s be fair

I can’t get a better deal anywhere!

Ok- that’s enough of that- you get the idea! (I suck at poetry!) Point is- I love used books! Sure they may be in bad nick, but it’s the words that count!

PS in case it wasn’t obvious I bought more books! (Ah well they were only £12 and two of them are three books in one- what a bargain!)

Who else feels this way about second hand books? Let me know if you share this love in the comments!

I Didn’t Pay For These Books…

So this doesn’t count as a haul because I didn’t pay for any of these… (And no, I didn’t steal them either!)

I found all these lovely books I’d never read in my garage…


And these I got for my birthday yesterday!


(When I told my family I only wanted books they went a little crazy)

And how pretty are these in particular!!


Okay- this is totally a haul post- but at least I didn’t break my book buying ban- right? Right?!?