How A Book Is Made Tag

So I saw this seriously awesome tag on equally awesome rivermoosereads blog, and even though I was not tagged to do it, I thought the questions were particularly relevant this month and so good, that I just had to do it! (even though I have *a ton* of work to do on my novel and that I have countless tags to do, but, you know, I’m a masochist)

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(This tag was created by WritingMime over on YouTube.)

1. Should you participate in National Novel Writing Month to create a book?


Well, I never have before, because it doesn’t suit my personality and I don’t usually set myself word limit targets (I work more by chapters), but this year I needed a bit of a prod to get some editing finished- so I’m semi-participating. If you also need a kick up the backside to get things done- then this might be the perfect opportunity for you to!

That was a really long winded way of saying- it’s up to you!

2. Self-publishing or traditional publishing?

I have no idea. Whatever suits you.

3. Write one idea at a time or write all the ideas at once?

I try to focus on one novel at a time- but I can’t help it if I suddenly get a brainwave for a story I want to write 5 years from now!

4. What genre is the easiest to write?


Well I like to mix it up- but everything I write comes under the rather broad umbrella of fantasy (barring occasional, slightly-shitty short stories)

5. Where do you need to write to get the work done?

Wherever I can!

6. Where do you find your inspiration?


7. What age do you start writing?

When you can hold a pen and form words. Before that, you should make your thoughts known by scribbling liney-illustrations of visual frustration.


8. What’s easiest to write? Short stories, stand-alones, series, etc.

Novels- as aforementioned, I’m not fond of writing short stories. Any mini-idea I get usually gets absorbed by some larger one- cos big stories need sustenance!

9. Do you mill your books or take years to write a book?

Depends on the book.

10. How fast can you type?


11. Do you write in the dark or in the light?

This is me right now:


12. Hand-written or typed?

Handwritten then typed. Usually straight after I finish it so I can do a quick, basic edit, though I used to write the whole thing through before going through the mammoth task of typing it up.

13. Alone or with someone else?

It’s late- I’m gonna answer with another pic:


14. Any typing hacks?


15. Are you already published?

Haha if only! But that would involve actually sending things off/coming up with some coherent plan to self-publish. Neither of which are things I relish!

16. When did you first consider being an author?

When I was 7 and my my great-uncle was visiting from Australia, I told him “all I want to do was travel the world and write”– so that’s when it became official!

17. How many books do you have in draft form?

Drafts… one that I’m editing now. Completed… three.

18. Do you outline or no?


19. What’s your favourite note-keeping strategy?

Notebooks!! Notebooks everywhere!


20. What do you think about writing in different genres?

Well, I pretty much decided that I wanted to stay writing fantasy/supernatural books forever- but never say never! I just think there’s so much scope within the genre to explore that I can create quite different work without ever having to talk about the “real” world! But, you know, that is really upto the individual author to decide!

I tag:

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And anyone else who wishes to do this!

Let me know in the comments if you are participating (or semi participating) in NaNo)? Or if you just love to write!