Ice Twins Gave Me the Chills

ice twinsWoweeee! This book was like dumping a bucket of ice water on my head. And before I can get into why this book was so awesome, I have to say a massive thank you to Meggy over at Chocolatenwaffles Blog because it was her *incredible* review that made me pick this up in the first place!! (And if you don’t know who Meggy is… where have you been? I swear when you go over there your TBR will grow exponentially, but it’ll be so worth it, cos all her recs are amazing!!)

In case it isn’t obvious, I loved this book. It had all the ingredients for a great thriller. An utterly chilling premise, unsettling narration and characters you couldn’t quite straighten out. Slowly, slowly it built up the doubt and the mystery. Then everything began to unravel. Ninety percent of my notes were expletive-laden questions, so intense and dark was the plot. I doubted everything; I questioned everything. Nothing was straight forward- and that’s just how I like books like this… But man, every second of this book was beautiful torture. I wanted to read on, I needed to read on, but I dreaded finding out what was happening.

One of the best things about this was the atmosphere. The tone was set off perfectly by the glorious backdrop of the Scottish Isles- taken away from civilisation and plunged into the wilderness where the uncanny dug its claws in…  Even now I’m thinking about it and that disquieting feeling is creeping up on me. I was frozen in place. Because as the house crumbled around them and the island reclaimed itself, I felt as if I was being taken over by this unnerving book.

I barely was able to catch my breath the entire time I was reading this. That was largely down to the exquisite writing. It was so beautifully written that my kindle looked like a rainbow of highlights by the end. But I regret nothing- because virtually every single line was quotable!

This book completely blew my mind and is easily one of the best books I’ve read all year!

Rating: 5/5 bananas


Have you read this? Will you be checking it out? Let me know in the comments!