Letters From Father Christmas – A Quick Note to Santa

letters from father christmas

Dear Santa,

I know you’re exceptionally busy tonight, so I’ll get straight to it: thank you very much for sending this book to me at the end of the year! I have to say it was perfect timing! I couldn’t have wished for a better Christmas read.

These are the kind of stories children and adults alike will cherish. They’re wonderfully imaginative, establish colourful characters in a short space and even develop into a fully-fledged narrative by the end of the collection. Somehow, despite the children growing up, there was even time to wrap everything up with a big, festive bow! I reckon you planned that, you big old softie 😉

What I really appreciated was how this was such a beautiful reflection of the Tolkien family. They were close and intimate- really a delightful reflection of the family and a credit to them. Though these had little clues to the outside world and hints at history, this never ventured beyond the personal.

Throughout, I found many of the stories surprisingly moving and thought might just about burst with the cuteness levels. To top it all off, the illustrations and images of the actual letters added a level of sweetness. I really can’t describe how charming they were- but I’m sure you know how talented the Great Polar Bear is already- please send my compliments to him.

As a massive Tolkien fan, I always like the genius writing, but more than that, I was happy to see the inclusion of languages like Arktish and Elvish.

So, thank you again for writing to the Tolkien children all those years ago. Anyway I’ll let you get on- have fun squeezing down all those chimneys.

All my love and merry Christmas,

Orangutan Librarian

PS Please find enclosed, 5/5 bananas:


And some milk and cookies:

orangutan santa cookies and milk version 20002


So have you read this? Did you enjoy it? Let me know in the comments! And of course, have a lovely Christmas!