The Catch With Catch 22

catch 22Well this is nigh on impossible to review. I guess, the catch is that when you read a good book you want to review it, but when the book’s too good, you can’t.

Kafkaesque at times, hilarious at others, and baffling in the extreme- I just don’t feel like I can put words to paper for this one. I mean what do you say about a book that turns you in circles, addles your brain and captures the futility of war in its rather bizarre pages. I guess there are no words.

As far as rating- what banana rating can I possibly give? I mean, especially as according to the logic of this book they will most likely be swapped for a handful of peanuts somewhere along the way (at a loss, for a profit) So I here’s a peanut I guess.


And in the spirit of my Get To Know You tag week coming to an end, what book did you find impossible to review?