Lady Midnight Could Have Been Dead Good…

lady midnightIf this series wasn’t getting a little old, that is. I would like to say that this book completely blew me away and that it was the best of the Shadowhunters books I have read… but unfortunately this series is getting a little samey for me.

I dunno, I don’t want to be unfair, because I did enjoy it and I especially liked the necromantic touch, but to be honest, it felt more like a reread than a new book. And don’t get me wrong- I love rereads- just not when it’s supposed to be the start of a new series.

There were things I liked however. Most notably- and this is a bit spoilery because it’s supposed to be a surprise that this character turned up- I LOVED Mark. He was such a complex and ambiguous character- he’s probably one of my favourite of Clare’s characters so far- and that’s saying something.

And there is a lot of promise in this series. The premise is very intriguing. Plus the cutesy romance was, well, cute! I can never turn down a little sweetness in my life- and this book was just the ticket. And while I wasn’t crazy about the villain in this one- I hated the bit when they gave a creepy grin at the end of the book to say *look at me I was the dastardly villain all along*– I did like their motivation and the setup for the villain in the next one.

What makes me desperate to continue this series, however, is I want to know about the parabatai curse! Seriously- this is something that has been mentioned since the dawn of the Shadowhunter books- and yet it has never been explained! I will keep reading just for that!

Rating: 3½/5 bananas

 half bananahalf bananahalf banana half banana

Thanks so much to Jill @rantandravebooks– I already mentioned I won a giveaway for amazon vouchers- and  this is the other book I bought with them!! 🙂

Are you into the Shadowhunter world? Have you read this one? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Top 5 Most Anticipated Books of 2016

Okay, so I missed the Top Ten Tuesday train *and* I didn’t make it to ten. Although that’s just cos I wanted to share the ones I am most excited about, even though I’ve seen loads of other books on various blogs today that I’ve added to my tbr (oh my goodness- that thing is like a monster that’s growing out of control- soon it’ll overtake all the books I’ve ever read in my life). It’s also a little weird to me that I’m looking forward to 2016 before I’ve properly wrapped up 2015- I still finalise my choices for my top ten so I can post it!

Alright, enough digression, here’s my most anticipated releases of 2016:

anticipated reads.png

  1. Throne of Glass 5

I don’t need to explain this, do I?

  1. Heartless by Marissa Meyer

I loved her other fairy tale retellings- need I say more?

  1. A Gathering of Shadows

Ahh I’m in  love with this series- can’t wait to see where it goes

  1. Lady Midnight

Let’s face it, at this stage, if it has Shadowhunters, I’m sold.

  1. Winds of Winter

Okay, this one’s fairly optimistic- cos no one knows if the date will be pushed back again. But if it does come out you can bet I will be freaking out!!

Alright, that was a fairly quick update- I doubt I really needed to explain any of these- hope you enjoyed my two cents anyway 🙂