Looking back at resolutions from 2019- success or failure?

resolutions 2019

Well here we are at the end of another year. I kind of feel like I’ve sleepwalked towards 2020, cos OOF this last month has been a toughie- sorry I’ve not been as active on here as I’d have liked! Hope to rectify that in the New Year! And speaking of changes… it’s time to reflect on my resolutions. I won’t say this has been the easiest or most exciting year for me, but it’s been better in a lot of ways than many of the years that have gone before and there’s a few things I’m really happy about – SO I’LL TAKE IT! Let’s see how I did with my resolutions…


number 1

10 More Books from My Challenging list

I did pretty well with this, reading 7/10, even though I just wasn’t feeling some of the tougher books on this list this year.

number 2

10 Non-Fiction Reads

15/10 – Knocked this one out of the park! Here’s some of the highlights…

number 3

5 Rereads

5/5 – There were a lot of books I hoped to reread for fun and that didn’t happen- but I still managed to complete this goal.

number 4

5 Poetry Collections

4/5 – nearly made it! Well, that’s if you’re not considering how most of these aren’t poetry collections, but I reckon it counts cos they were all in verse. Plus, I did read a lot of individual poems this year.

Non Bookish:

number 5

Compile notebooks

Soo my last goal was to type up the wolfy notebook… of course I’ve filled up another one since then… Okay I’m always managing to fill up notebooks. This is a never-ending task lol. 5/5

number 6

Complete another language on Duolingo

5/5 midway through the year

(as I mentioned in my mid year’s resolutions I pressed pause on any language learning midway through the year)

number 7


monkey typewriter

I finished everything I wanted to do around August, so 30/30, but I will say my writing habits got *weird* after I finished the BIG PROJECT. I did do a bit of tinkering in October, then tried working on something else (big fail), fell into a killer writing slump, had a bizarre surge with a new(ish) project towards the end of the year… only to fall off the wagon with that too. Regardless, this was definitely a win!

Score: 66/70 94%


Definitely better than my C from last year!

And for extra credit…

number 8

Art- start painting again and finish sketchbook

orangutan artist0003

I’ve been working on drawings a lot more this year and I even started an Instagram for it- though I’ve been using various sketchbooks, so it’s not easy to tell if I’ve done this or not. Definitely counting this as a win too.

number 9

Yoga challenge x2

Ah this was a late addition I couldn’t complete in time. I managed to squeeze in one yoga challenge, but not two. This is something I’ll have to work on next year!

And that concludes my wrap up! Pretty happy with how that went! How have you done with your resolutions this year? Let me know in the comments! And a ***Happy New Year*** to you all!


Who’s EXCITED for the New Year?! I’ll tell you- I’m very much looking forward to 2019! I’m gonna be brutally honest- 2018 has been a weird year for me. Not looking to get all “it was the best of times it was the worst of times…” but it had its ups and downs. Even with a few knocks though, I’m still standing 😉 (*resisting the urge to burst into song*) I’m gonna fight fight fight fight fight for this blog and all that jazz (resistance is futile)- so let’s see if I can’t kick the butt of some resolutions from 2018:

boxing fighting orangutan0002


number 1




Whoa let’s start with a hard one why don’t we? I didn’t complete this, but I did okay on this one and I’m glad I read what I did read.

8 points

number 2


Again, I didn’t make it to 10, but I did alright. Considering this overlaps a lot with #1, it makes sense.

8 points


number 3

Well I did do this- I only used the challenge in December to get my stats- so ten points to Ravenclaw! In all seriousness, I don’t know how good this resolution was cos I ended up just counting in my head anyway… so yeah, I did it, and it relieved some of the stress that comes with book counting, but not all of it. Whatever, still did it 😉

10 points


number 4

I smashed this with 10 reads! HP x7 and Secret countess, wee free men, shiver



5 points

number 5


You know, like have some sort of TBR. It doesn’t have to be official (let’s face it, it won’t be in posts cos *laziness*) still I should at least try to be a bit more organised. Especially since I’ve had a couple of ARCs in particular that I want to read and okay, I’ve been in  a slump for a month, but I still feel bad about it and LET’S GET ON WITH IT already!(Immediately after writing this, I scribbled down a list for January… so can I already count this as a success please?)

 I struck this one off the list in March– so I’m not counting it. Which is good- cos I didn’t keep to TBRs this year.

number 6


Gosh this was a good resolution to do- cos this is a terrible habit! Unfortunately I read a few books I knew I’d hate:



So that means out of 5 points, I only got…

2 points


number 7




I did this super early in the year that I’ve now got more notebooks to compile lol. Regardless, I’m happy I did this one and I don’t have nearly as much of a backlog as I used to:

10 points

number 8


guitar for dummies

Yeesh- this. did. not. go. well. To be honest, I don’t think it was the best resolution- if you put “awful” in the resolution, it’s hardly likely you’ll follow through. I also think progress in this area doesn’t really work with chapters. I did actually work on this for four months, however didn’t get far in terms of chapters and had to stop when I went away. I did want to pick this up again- just haven’t had the time! Anyhoo, *excuses excuses*, I’m giving myself a point for those few months of effort.

1 point

number 9


Wowee another one that didn’t go well. I think this was also a poorly chosen resolution because HOW DO YOU MEASURE THIS. I did a few things- like reading a book, watching a movie, talking to people- so I’m giving myself a point for each of these (though I’m not sure it’s deserved- this is the problem with not defining what a success would look like!!! Next time I’ll have to pick something I can actually measure).

3 points

And for personal goals (incidentally one of which was not-so-personal and just related to my #supersecretive WIP and I talked about it here)I actually did all of these- but not necessarily to the best of my ability, so I docked some marks:

27 points

74 points total- which in grading terms works out as a…

grade c

Well what do you think? Have I been to generous or too harsh with my grading? And how have you done with your resolutions this year? Let me know in the comments!

Looking Back on New Year’s Resolutions from 2017- Success or Failure?

Well the New Year is almost upon us and it looks like it’s time for a RECKONING. Namely, I’m gonna cast my mind wayyy back in time to January and have a look at all my resolutions for 2017 (that I totally forgot I made by spring), then see which ones I did and didn’t do. Fun!

number 1

Read 10 Books From My Challenging Reading List

The goal was pretty simple- I had to read some books from this selection:


Success! I read 14.

number 2

Read More of My Kindle Books

Including these:

kindle books.png

Marking this one down as a total fail though- I just didn’t do this as much as I could’ve.

number 3

Read Brother’s Books

brother's books

Sorta success- I decided against reading a couple, but the ones I wanted to read, I did, including I, Partridge and The Churchill Factor.

number 4

Read More Widely

graphic novels.png

I’m gonna go with success for this one cos I picked up graphic novels for the first time, but I was a bit vague on this one.

number 5

Buy Fewer Books

Why was this even on here? There was no way that would happen. I did get rid of more books though, so I’ve got a bit of breathing space (for more books)

number 6

Improve My Blog

What a poorly defined goal! I didn’t even say what I wanted to improve!! I don’t know if I did this or not cos I don’t even know what I meant when I wrote this!! (2016 was a long time ago guys, I was a whole different person 😉 ) I’ve been trying to puzzle it out and all I can think of was changing the blog header, which I planned for ages before doing it (did I do that this year??? I can’t remember!!!)

Other than that…

I had an aside at the end of the blog that I’d like to read fewer books- that didn’t happen, but I’m not complaining, because it brought me over my long term goal of getting 1000+ read books on Goodreads- so success even though it was a failure!

Well I can safely say my biggest failure was not having the clearest goals. I’ll try to rectify that for next year. Which is quickly coming round the corner now… See you all in 2018!