Huge announcement- as you may have noticed from my new blog title- I am no longer the Orang-utan Librarian- but the Orang-utan Doctor instead. That’s right- I’ve decided to get serious and start doling out medical advice (no I am not a doctor- but random advice from some ape on the internet can’t do any harm, can it?)



Personally I favour medieval cures like wearing a dry toad round your neck and breathing the smoke of burnt feathers, because most likely if you’re feeling a bit coldy, you probably have the black death.

So that’s the kind of thing you can expect on my blog from now on!

Are you experiencing any strange symptoms and want to have them misdiagnosed? Do you fancy trying some medieval cures? What do you think of my new blog theme? And, most importantly, have you realised this is an April Fools yet? :p Comment below!