Truly A Suitable Lie is Well Worth a Read

suitable lieEons and eons ago I read the most sensational, intriguing review over on Meggy’s awesome blog for this book- and I just knew I had to read this. Because WOW have you seen the way she writes reviews?!? Plus, it didn’t hurt that this book was coming from Orenda and I’ve liked all the books I’ve read of theirs so far (not spon- hehe I wish 😉 ) Point being, I couldn’t have been more excited to read this book… and I was right to be!

Right from the prologue Malone set a melancholic note, the tone tense, quiet and utterly absorbing. It was not an easy book to read, given the subject matter, but there was no way I could put the book down. Gripping to the last, the story rushed by, not pausing for breaks or bumps in the road, capturing every inch of the victim’s trauma and struggles.

Real and raw, this book exposed an issue too often overlooked. I can say I’ve rarely read a book like this that exposes the world of domestic strife so truthfully. And yet, thankfully, the story was not sacrificed on the altar of accuracy. Above all, this book was about feeling trapped, suffocating in a situation where there was no way out- that was the most powerful part.

I could appreciate, then, how much of a relief the ending was- just to turn that last page and know that I could return to the safety of my own bedroom. And the conclusion itself was satisfying- made even better by the fact that it was foreshadowed from the very beginning. Like all the best thrillers, you won’t expect it, but the clues are there. And you can’t really say fairer than that. In fact, I’d say this is well worth a read with:

4½/5 bananas

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So have you read this book? Do you plan to? Let me know in the comments!