Morning Star is a Prime Example of a Great Book

So I’m gonna do something unconventional today and just say straight off the bat:

Rating: 5/5 bananas


morning starBecause it’s kind of a foregone conclusion at this point. If you’ve been following my reviews lately, you’ll already know how much I love this series, how I worship the characters and how I am head over heels for the world building. That’s why I’m sure many of you will have seen this coming.

But in all honesty, it wasn’t actually as straightforward as that. In reality, I very rarely give books 5* ratings. Even if I enjoy them, there are lots of reasons why I might stay my hand, and why I might hesitate about giving a book that one extra banana. Heck- I’ve gushed like crazy over books and then given them 4.5 bananas on here before. Why? Because of books like this. Because books like this *prove* why I need to distinguish between the fantastic books and the books that are blow my socks off brilliant.

At this stage, I’ve probably said everything that needs to be said about this series, but I’ll say these few things one more time, just in case I haven’t drummed home the message enough.

This book is one of the best I’ve read in a *really* long time (well since the Golden Son and Red Rising). The plot is insane- even if you guess half the twists, you’ll be stunned by the other half. You will be swept up in the drama and completely *destroyed* by it. I guarantee that this book will drive you crazy- in the best possible way. Because everything in it is *perfectly* drawn. And as you gallop towards the end of this book, your life will come to a standstill and you will most definitely miss a train or two (I just missed one this time). It is such as completely soul destroying and gut-wrenchingly beautiful work of literature. YOU NEED THIS BOOK IN YOUR LIFE!!!

And now that I am done with the series, I am bereft! What am I supposed to do with my time now? How am I gonna live without Darrow and his motley crew of space warriors? I don’t even know how I’m gonna go on….

Arghhh!! That is the trouble with brilliant books- they give me the worst book hangovers ever.

What was the worst bookhanger you’ve had lately? And if you have read this series- what did you think of the last instalment? Are you- like me- praying for more??