Looking Back on New Year’s Resolutions from 2017- Success or Failure?

Well the New Year is almost upon us and it looks like it’s time for a RECKONING. Namely, I’m gonna cast my mind wayyy back in time to January and have a look at all my resolutions for 2017 (that I totally forgot I made by spring), then see which ones I did and didn’t do. Fun!

number 1

Read 10 Books From My Challenging Reading List

The goal was pretty simple- I had to read some books from this selection:


Success! I read 14.

number 2

Read More of My Kindle Books

Including these:

kindle books.png

Marking this one down as a total fail though- I just didn’t do this as much as I could’ve.

number 3

Read Brother’s Books

brother's books

Sorta success- I decided against reading a couple, but the ones I wanted to read, I did, including I, Partridge and The Churchill Factor.

number 4

Read More Widely

graphic novels.png

I’m gonna go with success for this one cos I picked up graphic novels for the first time, but I was a bit vague on this one.

number 5

Buy Fewer Books

Why was this even on here? There was no way that would happen. I did get rid of more books though, so I’ve got a bit of breathing space (for more books)

number 6

Improve My Blog

What a poorly defined goal! I didn’t even say what I wanted to improve!! I don’t know if I did this or not cos I don’t even know what I meant when I wrote this!! (2016 was a long time ago guys, I was a whole different person 😉 ) I’ve been trying to puzzle it out and all I can think of was changing the blog header, which I planned for ages before doing it (did I do that this year??? I can’t remember!!!)

Other than that…

I had an aside at the end of the blog that I’d like to read fewer books- that didn’t happen, but I’m not complaining, because it brought me over my long term goal of getting 1000+ read books on Goodreads- so success even though it was a failure!

Well I can safely say my biggest failure was not having the clearest goals. I’ll try to rectify that for next year. Which is quickly coming round the corner now… See you all in 2018!

TBR and Bookish Resolutions for 2017

Well this is coming a couple of days late- so, whoops! To be honest, I don’t have a great excuse, I just ate myself into a food coma on New Year’s Eve and am only just waking up… Anyway, hope you had an awesome start to 2017!

Now that the New Year is upon us, I reckon it’s a good time to share my Bookish Resolutions for 2017!


So at the end of last year, I started to compile a TBR of challenging reads. This is partly because I’m pushing myself to read more quality fiction, but also because I want books that challenge me and I’d like to do more in-depth analyses. So these books are a mixture of new and old, things I’ve never read before and rereads, that will hopefully stretch my brain a little. The list is currently at about 40 and I’d like to read about 10 from this selection:



I go through phases, so while I was quite good at reading my physical books last year, I got really rubbish at reading things on my kindle. I want to rectify that this year. Here’s just *some* of the books sitting on my kindle:

kindle books.png


Last year I managed to tackle a lot of my mum’s books, this year I’m planning on reading the 5 books my brother owns that I haven’t read, including this one on Ferguson- cos why not?!



2016 was the year I got into Sci fi- I want to continue with that, reading more sci fi books. Plus I want to try new and exciting genres in 2017- maybe even graphic novels… who knows? The future looks bright!

resolution 5 2017.png

Kind of self-explanatory- but I really, really need a stronger resolve when it comes to book buying this year

resolution 6 2017.png

So this is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while! I have exciting things planned that I didn’t get round to in 2016- so this year I want to push myself to get it done!

other than that.png

I’m not expecting to match the number of books I read last year- not by a long shot. I had a 50% increase from 2015, but due to stuff going on my life, I can expect a 50% decrease this year and am only aiming for 75.

Anyway, that’s all for now! Happy New Year Everyone!! Hope you have a magnificent 2017!