The Hit (and Miss) List

hit listHello all! Now that the Euros are underway, I thought it might be fun to review a book that has a hint of sport in it- okay, okay it has next to nothing to do with sports (unless you’re one of those people that think dance is the same as sports- in which case, shame on you!) but the title of the book is vaguely sporty…. I guess…

Anyhoo, as the title of this blog suggests, this book was a bit hit and miss for me. And like the best sports games I’m gonna break it down really fast:



The Hits

  • It was a cool, slightly twisted idea. I’m a sucker for simple high-school-esque drama like this (yeah they’re in college but it’s very much high school mentality so whatever)
  • It also felt like the equivalent of reading something like Step Up, which made a nice change for me
  • I also liked how it engaged with men disrespecting women without being too preachy about it or getting over moralistic- because obviously men picking up women for sport is not cool and I was glad the author didn’t feel the need to explain that. Urang dealt with this deftly- the guys involved in the game were douches and that was that.
  • And I liked who the Hit Man turned out to be- it was a great twist and I actually didn’t see it coming- which is always a plus.

The Misses

  • It was a bit overlong and could’ve done with being shorter- which is an unusual thing for me to say about a quick read. I think it was the (somewhat unnecessary) flashbacks that made it feel longer.
  • The characters and the romance were adequate enough but they were nothing to write home about
  • There wasn’t enough space at the end to enjoy the fallout or the conflict- which meant the climax was a bit lacking.
  • The ending seemed more than unfair in terms of who won the competition (I can’t say anymore cos it’ll be spoilery unfortunately). Again, it seemed like it was done to avoid conflict- which is disappointing because who doesn’t love a bit of conflict in books? I honestly don’t get why you would leave it out. It makes the whole thing a bit like a nil-nil draw (thought I may as well squeeze a football analogy in there 😉 )

Overall it was an enjoyable enough and fun if you’re into this kind of thing.

Rating: 3/5 bananas

half bananahalf bananahalf banana

And that’s the way to knock a review out of the park before dinner 😉 Now if you don’t mind I’m gonna see if I can catch the England match!